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    Mains, CF-4 version 1, CF-3 Rears, version 2, CF-3 Center version 2, KSP-S6 Surrounds, RP-140 SA (4) for Atmos, 1 Velodyne DD15 subwoofer.

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  1. I am selling a single CF-3 which can be used as a center, it is cherry. I believe it is a version 2. I have the pair, but am currently using one as a center. Live near Seattle.
  2. sabeous

    KV-4 for Sale - $225

    Price drop - $200.
  3. sabeous

    KV-4 for Sale - $225

  4. sabeous

    Epic CF-2 as center for CF-4s?

    The rear surrounds with Atmos to match the front, these are CF-3's.
  5. sabeous

    Epic CF-2 as center for CF-4s?

    It is on it's side, horn centered with the screen - resting on some sound isolation pads.
  6. sabeous

    Epic CF-2 as center for CF-4s?

    I currently use a version 2 CF-3 for center duty - which is an improvement in tonal balance with the CF-4 version 1 speakers. It seems like the CF-4 version 1 speakers keep getting harder to find. I would love to find another pair of Cherry CF-4 version 1's too - but they simply don't come available. Be nice if Klipsch would make a limited production run on them.
  7. sabeous

    KV-4 for Sale - $225

    Time to sell my KV-4 - it is in good working order - there are a couple of small nicks on the back corners of the cabinet and the front grill has a small crack in it and a small discolored spot. Looks good - but it is not in mint condition. Really would prefer local pick-up. Thanks!
  8. sabeous

    Black KV4 (SOLD)

    Just posted one in Seattle if someone in the area is looking. Would prefer local pickup. http://seattle.craigslist.org/est/ele/6309208683.html
  9. sabeous

    Epic CF-2 as center for CF-4s?

    98065 - Snoqualmie WA
  10. sabeous

    Epic CF-2 as center for CF-4s?

    If you buy the set let me know - I might be interested in one as my center channel.
  11. sabeous

    Epic CF-2 as center for CF-4s?

    What color is the CF-4 that you are willing to split up?
  12. sabeous

    WTB CF-4 EPIC V1

    Did you all see the walnut CF-4 version 1 speakers for sale in Detroit?
  13. sabeous

    Epic CF-4's in Detroit Area

    Harder to sell Klipsch speakers on craigslist - I appreciate everyone posting those ads on here - helped me pick up my cherry CF-4 version 1's last year. If these were Cherry - they would be on a truck headed to my house. $1K for CF-4 version 1 speakers in this condition - very reasonable.
  14. sabeous

    WTB CF-4 EPIC V1

    It took me about 10 years to find my set - I had wanted Cherry. You might consider setting an asking price - you might get someone to move. I had to pay shipping, $500 and I didn't blink at the asking price of my speakers, $1500. These are rare and tough to find - I wish you the best of luck.
  15. sabeous

    WTB - Epic CF-2, CF-3 or CF-4 Speakers

    I have a pair of Cherry Epic CF-2 speakers for sale - here is the current link. I am the original owner of the speakers - they were used as surrounds so they have never really been used. https://seattle.craigslist.org/est/ele/6040036897.html