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    Mains, CF-4 version 1, CF-3 Rears, version 2, CF-3 Center version 2, KSP-S6 Surrounds, RP-140 SA (4) for Atmos, 1 Velodyne DD15 subwoofer.
  1. KV-4 for Sale - $225

  2. Epic CF-2 as center for CF-4s?

    The rear surrounds with Atmos to match the front, these are CF-3's.
  3. Epic CF-2 as center for CF-4s?

    It is on it's side, horn centered with the screen - resting on some sound isolation pads.
  4. Epic CF-2 as center for CF-4s?

    I currently use a version 2 CF-3 for center duty - which is an improvement in tonal balance with the CF-4 version 1 speakers. It seems like the CF-4 version 1 speakers keep getting harder to find. I would love to find another pair of Cherry CF-4 version 1's too - but they simply don't come available. Be nice if Klipsch would make a limited production run on them.
  5. KV-4 for Sale - $225

    Time to sell my KV-4 - it is in good working order - there are a couple of small nicks on the back corners of the cabinet and the front grill has a small crack in it and a small discolored spot. Looks good - but it is not in mint condition. Really would prefer local pick-up. Thanks!
  6. Black KV4 (SOLD)

    Just posted one in Seattle if someone in the area is looking. Would prefer local pickup. http://seattle.craigslist.org/est/ele/6309208683.html
  7. Epic CF-2 as center for CF-4s?

    98065 - Snoqualmie WA
  8. Epic CF-2 as center for CF-4s?

    If you buy the set let me know - I might be interested in one as my center channel.
  9. Epic CF-2 as center for CF-4s?

    What color is the CF-4 that you are willing to split up?
  10. WTB CF-4 EPIC V1

    Did you all see the walnut CF-4 version 1 speakers for sale in Detroit?
  11. Epic CF-4's in Detroit Area

    Harder to sell Klipsch speakers on craigslist - I appreciate everyone posting those ads on here - helped me pick up my cherry CF-4 version 1's last year. If these were Cherry - they would be on a truck headed to my house. $1K for CF-4 version 1 speakers in this condition - very reasonable.
  12. WTB CF-4 EPIC V1

    It took me about 10 years to find my set - I had wanted Cherry. You might consider setting an asking price - you might get someone to move. I had to pay shipping, $500 and I didn't blink at the asking price of my speakers, $1500. These are rare and tough to find - I wish you the best of luck.
  13. WTB - Epic CF-2, CF-3 or CF-4 Speakers

    I have a pair of Cherry Epic CF-2 speakers for sale - here is the current link. I am the original owner of the speakers - they were used as surrounds so they have never really been used. https://seattle.craigslist.org/est/ele/6040036897.html
  14. WTB - Epic CF-2, CF-3 or CF-4 Speakers

    I am the original owner of a pair of CF-2 cherry speakers - thinking about selling them. I live in Seattle so shipping would be pricey. Which color and version were you looking for?
  15. Klipsch Epic CF-2 - underwhelming?

    Replying to the question of location and sound transmission. I have the 2nd generation of the CF'2s and 3's, first generation of the CF-4. If I move my speakers away from the rear and side walls - I notice a change in the richness of the sound - and it reduces a faint echo. The most noticeable difference occurs with speaker height - getting them off the ground. The port(s) near the bottom of the speaker are simply too close to the ground and believe it or not, in my opinion make a sound quality difference when the speaker is raised. I believe there is more than air flow that occurs with the ports in the Epic line - and an additional benefit is raising the horn to ear height - or closer to it. I have had custom speaker box platforms made at car toys - wrapped in sound deadening (inside) and covered with carpet - outside. They will make the boxes to your specifications and they act as an isolation platform. Best money I have ever spent. My recommendation is to move your speakers around a little and see if you can hear a difference. Getting them off the floor is a no-brainer in my opinion....plus that protects them when the vacuum gets close.... The room they are in has bass traps, sound resonance padding and fully carpeted. I am fortunate to have a dedicated space to play around in. Even small changes like bass traps in the corners of your room can make an audible difference. In my opinion all these factors can help regardless of which generation of the Epic line you own.