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  1. Howdy, folks. For the longest time, I had stereo in my bedroom/office for music, and surround sound in my living room for TV and movies. But I've always wanted to have a good music system in the living room, too, where I'm not forced to use something more geared to near-field listening. However, my Pioneer Elite VSX-84tsxi, a great home theatre receiver, is less accomplished in stereo mode. So I was forced to set up a separate system. In my quest to populate it, I fell in love with the Epic line, specifically the version 1 CF-4, resulting in the crowded photo, seen above. I paired them with all sorts of amps/receivers, ranging from the late 1970s to the early 2010s, and they all fell short of expectations. So, after a lot of research, I finally bought a lightly used Peachtree Audio iNova integrated amplifier. It sounds amazing! Plus, one of its aux inputs has a bypass circuit so it can be integrated into a home theatre! A few years ago, the wall in the accompanying photo was a lot less crowded. I can now remove the Polk Monitor70 mkIIs (the ones cowering between the Epics and the TV). However, I bought the CS2 center channel because it's “voice matched” to the 70s. I know the best center channel replacement to go with my CF-4s would be the hard-to-find KV-4. Any decent alternatives? The KV-3? Something more recent, like the RP-25C or RP-250C?
  2. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Klipsch-Klf-c7-Center-Surround-Sound-Speaker-/331978225118?hash=item4d4b71b5de:g:bawAAOSwLnBX4zB~ Nice deal on a KLF-C7 no affiliation
  3. For 25 years I have loved my KG 4.5's. But, married, kids & wife was never a fan - changes happen. We purchased a new entertainment center and the speakers were just too wide. We have a new 7 channel receiver but had not hooked it up yet. It is this weekends project. I will eventually have 5.1 in living room, and a 2 channel zone for patio. I was about to get a KG2.2v center as a temporary solution ( and may still get to pair with the KF 4.5's and wherever they land ); but pulled trigger on RF 5's. They just fit on each side of entertainment center. Do I still use the KG 2.2v ( $40.00 ) until I can find a RC 7 which seems to be recommended, or I can pick up a used RC 64ii for $250 ( ask ) or RC 3 for $165 ( ask ). Any help is appreciated. If curious, I like the RF 5's, but would still prefer my old KG 4.5's. However, they were unused and I unpacked out of box, so they could need some breaking in, and I may not have the power drive to maximize them. That, combined with I am used to that 70's / 80's concert sound. But..I am very pleased with the speakers, purchase and Klipsch. They look great, wife will be happier!! I will pick up some rears or surround soon, I need to figure out wiring. With the RF 5's I acquired an RSW 12, but that is both more than I need and going to be hard to fit in the room. Will see if I can find a 8" or 10" sub that works, but it may not even be needed. I really appreciate any help. Thanks, Sean
  4. I have a KV2 walnut center speaker that I can no longer use. Had it with in-wall/ceiling Klipsch speakers in our last home in a surround sound set up that was done in 1999. I read where Klipsch stopped making the KV2 in 1997, but I bought it from Electronic Environments in Memphis in 1999. It has been in one spot continuously all of that time and literally looks brand new but for some minor damage to the finish at the bottom edge of one end. I am trying to recall how that could have happened as I do not think I ever had anything sitting next to it. If I did, it was so long ago, I do not remember it. I am amazed at the weight of this speaker. On top of that, it is beautiful with this walnut finish. Not sure what the wood is but it has a very attractive grain. Wish I could still use it. I do not recall what I paid for it and to be very open about it, I have no idea what these go for or what kind of market there is for them. How about $100 + shipping cost? As this is my first post in this forum, I do not know how transactions work here but we can figure it out if anyone is interested in this. Btw, I also have some other audio equipment that I can no longer use. Don't know if this forum is strictly limited to Klipsch products but I have some Adcom pieces (2 amps and a surround sound tuner/preamp) purchased from the old Custom Audio in Little Rock back in mid to late '90's. I thought Adcom went out of business, but apparently it is still in operation.
  5. In-Wall Central Channel R-5502-W II match with RP-280F ? Hello, Following the discussion on my central speaker problem ( https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/160840-central-channel-setup/ ), I decided to go with a Klipsch in-wall speaker. I plan to build a in-wall cabinet (in denser premium grade MDF) to give to the speaker the same angle that the TV. Is this a good match to mix the R-5502-W II with the RP-280F? Do they have a similar sound for the Twitter and the Bass? Do the follow the other speakers ? Left and Right : RP-280F Center : R-5502-W II Woofer: R-110SW Surround: RP-140SA A/V Receiver: Yamaha RX-A3050 Thanks, BLabrie
  6. Hello, I recently purchased the Reference home theater system. R15M, R26F, R10SW but I did not purchase the R25C because that speaker will not fit in the front of my TV Cabinet. I have a 65" curved Samsung TV sitting on the stand and the bezel sits about 2" or so off of the stand. If I put the R25C in front of my TV it will block some of my viewing area. My TV cabinet has 3 sections all at 18.125" wide. I prefer not to mount the center speaker on the wall behind the TV because that would look very odd and I don't want to put the center speaker on the floor. Is there a comparable speaker in anyone's mind that I could get that would sound ok to match this setup? There are a few older Reference speakers that would work but I would have to find something used. Is the G-16 my only bet? I'd hat to get another brand because it sounds like the non timbre matching wouldn't be good. Please help! Thanks
  7. So basically, I have a front 3 system of Klipsch Rb 61ii and then an Rc 62ii, and even in 2 channel, the voices do not seem to come from the center, but from the right speaker. ive measured them out, both toed in the same. and ive done the room correction with my receiver. and everything seems fine, same distance, and same output decibels. Is my speaker damaged? should i go to klipsch for help? i also have an rw-12D crossed over at 80 hz, and i have tried a different amp to see if that was the issue, and the results were even worse. Its ben like this for the year or so that ive owned them.
  8. I have searched the forum without success, attempting to locate the member who built a custom center channel for his KG 5.5's out of a kg 5.5. Can someone help me with this?
  9. Rare Early 1960's Klipsch Vertical Cornwall II Front Center Speakers. I've never seen a pair before. These speakers were designed to be the center speaker between Klipschorn speakers, either upright or laying on their side. They have the vertical horns, as seen in the pictures. They contain: K 33 J woofer K 55 V mid K 77 tweets The Heresys are also available for an additional $580. $1400 for the Cornwalls. Thanks!
  10. I've searched and don't quite see what I'm trying to determine. So sorry if this is old news to many.... I'm one of those late 80's sound guys that put away thier system during kids. I'm now getting ready to pull out my old KG-4s (in great shape by the way) and pair them with good center, sub and rears. I'm mainly concerned about the center. I know the standard recommendation is the KV-3. But my questions are 1) I have a local KV-2 for a good price. Does it hold up OK with the KG4's or too small? 2) Speaking of size the current RC-42II fits perfectly in my entertainment center. But again is that too small? 3) Do any of the current series pair better with the old KG series? Now that I'm getting back into it I can see maybe modernizing some in a couple of years. And if anyone wants to throw out recomendations for sub, rears and a new AV receiver...I'm listening. Thanks in advance.
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