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Found 8 results

  1. Hi All, I'm trying to use an Equalizer with my Sansui AU-717 and I'm not having much luck making a loop. I've tried a lot, but something has gone all screwy (technical term). My problem seems to be this: Whenever I decouple the preamp from the amp, I lose the source signal. When I recouple them, I lose the signal from the equalizer. I know the equalizer works because a direct signal (iPod) to the unit, and then to the Integrated Amp, got results. I'm just trying to keep the preamp on the Sansui doing the work. Part of my confusion is coming from these switches, previously screwed down by a small plastic plate. What is the difference between "direct coupled" and "capacitor coupled"?? I get that connected just means that the Preamp and Amp in the unit are connected, but the rest of has got me all turned around. I even called my very reputable electronics guy and he said he couldn't figure it out unless I lugged this sucker in. (Not unless I have to!) For reference here is a picture of the back. Note the switch in the center below the Pre-Out/Power Amp In. Thanks for any help I can get. And please hold back on the teasing.
  2. Is it possible to make my Promedia 2.1 BT play music coming via the audio cable and the bluetooth at the same time? The device stops playing music coming in from the audio cable as soon as it connects via bluetooth. On my older speakers I used to have my phone connected via BT and my PC via audiocable and it worked perfectly. Please help. I dont want to give up of these great speakers. (And sorry if this qnestion is already here but I cannot it anywhere.)
  3. I have my mac connected to the USB in of a PowerGate. I can then select "Klipsch PowerGate" as one of my audio outputs, and that works just fine. Occasionally however, it is not available in the list. In an effort to track down this problem I noticed that when I plug the PowerGate into a USB3 hub which happens to have indicators showing active USB ports, the port does not light up, which for me indicates that the problem may be in the PowerGate. I can turn the device on and off, cycle through inputs; I even tried a factory reset at one point...no help. The simple solution appears to be plugging and plugging the PowerGate from AC/mains. Anything short of that has not helped. Anyone else have this problem or similar? Any suggestions?
  4. I have a Klipsch 10SWi sounds and works perfectly. One question, when I power off my stereo the blue light on the wireless transmitter and the on back of the sub woofer stays on. Is this normal? Plus I have to manually switch the power off on the back of the sub woofer for the green light to go off. Any ideas on what settings I need to do. Thank you in advance.
  5. I have a pair of two KG 5.2s, but unfortunately the receiver got lost somewhere along the 20+ years I've owned them. I am interested in putting them to use but I don't know how or which receiver I could use for them. does anyone have any ideas?
  6. I bought an RSB-14 Soundbar tonight and got it home and did the initial set up. Everything went fine, and then I was promoted to do some updates. I did, including the firmware update, and now my system won’t recognize my Apple 4K. Can anyone help? I’m getting pretty frustrated and really don’t want to wait until Monday morning when tech support opens up again.
  7. I could really use some help! I previous used Tannoy powered studio monitors in my Harmon Kardon 3490 connected by XLR to Male RCA cables. I plugged them into the AUDIO Pre-Out. Now I'm hoping to replace them with these Klipsch R-14s, but I cannot for the life of me get the passive signal to work. I used 16-gauge wire, stripped, twisted, and connected to the twists in Speaker 1 section, but nothing. I triple checked connections and polarity, tried banana plugs and everything, but no dice. Do they need to be connected to the PRE Out with a 16 gauge open stereo wire to RCA male? Is there such a wire? I'm so confused!
  8. Here's a dumb question for you the cornwall II has a top and bottom pair of speaker connections + - do you connect to the top pair or bottom pair? is this configuration for Bi-amping? They did not come with installation instructions
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