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Found 9 results

  1. This question is to the historian , I bought recently a pair of heresy 2 I will send pictures of the sticker of the back of the cabinet. Would love to know everything that's got to do about those. Very few info on the net. Tank you Sorry for my English.
  2. Looking to sell my set of HII Oil Oak. They have been sitting for a while and need to go to a good home and I would prefer they go to a forum member. $500 local pickup Oxford, MS. Titanium Tweeters Crossover with Corbin Dubilier Caps Birch Risers (not pictured) Other Items $100 Bic F12 sub $250 Parasound 2125 V1 Message me if interested
  3. One of my Heresy II squawkers dropped in output and when I measured the VC it was 28ohms. 😬 Still plays but down 7-8dB. Hoping to find a used replacement since all the new parts vendors are out of stock. I'll take one but if you have a pair I'm definitely interested (if they came from a pair of speakers with similar use/age/etc for better match). Many thanks! Pete
  4. My system is a Denon AVR 2600 7.2. I have Heresy 2s all the way around but I'm seeking advice on height speakers (I have two sets of excellent smaller speakers I'd like to use rather than buy a third!) For height speakers, I'm currently using a pair of Mirage OMD5 omnipolar speakers which don't sound bad but the timber isn't quite right. I also have a set of Klipsch R-51M bookshelf which are a much better match but aren't made for wall mounting. Is it possible to wall mount R-51Ms? Thank You!
  5. Looking at picking up a pair of Heresy IIs with matching serial numbers. Seller states that they are 4 ohm. They are in exceptional condition with factory risers. He is asking $1200 claiming that they are near mint. Is it insane to consider offering $1000. I thought that these might be a good entry point into the Klipsch sound for me. Also, I currently possess a Stereotech 1200 receiver, and I am wondering if anyone has any idea about how that might pair with this set of Heresy IIs. Any information would be helpful!
  6. Hi all! This has probably been answered somewhere before, but I'm not finding it. I'm looking to tri-amp a pair of 1988 Heresy II's I just picked up, and to do the Heresy II->Heresy III conversion on them, and then tri-amp them again. Does anyone have the Heresy II and Heresy III crossover specs? 1) What are the crossover frequencies and slopes? 2) What's the attenuation (padding) of the different drivers? 3) Are any of the drivers polarity inverted? These would be different for the Heresy II, and III -- and I'm looking for both sets of data for before and after the conversion. Thank you!
  7. Here is a really nice set of HWOii with ti-diaphragms. Matched grain and beautiful condition. I am asking 600$ and located in Chattanooga TN. I can deliver anywhere in Tennessee or Kentucky. Thanks Tyler
  8. I have a 5.1 system comprised entirely of older Heresy 2s (which I love). I've got Klipsch subs connected to the two front speakers as well as to the regular sub output. All are connected to an older Denon AVR 3805 (but I never use anywhere near the power it's capable of). The sound is spectacular! I recently moved to a smaller and place and while I have room for the existing front speaker arrangement, the Heresy 2s I have for the rear are much too large. I'm presently using smaller Mirage omnipolar speakers in the rear but they sound terrible (timber matching couldn't possibly be worse and the heresy 2s are a great deal more sensitive so I must turn the fronts all the way down and the mirages all the way up). Does anyone have any suggestions regarding speakers (new or older models) that are at least somewhat compatible with the heresy 2 fronts? The system was put together by a friend but I'm not very knowledgeable of such things and don't really know what I'm doing. Suggestions would truly be most appreciated. Thank You so much!
  9. Hi everyone! I’m interested in forum members thoughts on the situation I find myself in diving into my home theater build. I’m a long time klipsch lover and hifi audio system geek in general. After tossing around the idea of doing an all paradigm or all canton HT system I have finally decided that I just will not be too happy without that classic klipsch sound. My delema is should I go with an all legend series klf 30/20 for mains, side & rear surrounds, with klf c7’s as center and atmos front and rear height speakers which is what I had resolved to do. I currently have a pair of 30’s and I am planning on procuring another pair of 30’s this weekend. So I’ll have 4 of the six towers needed to get started. Then it’s just track down another pair and 5x c7’s (which are far more shipable than the towers). On the other hand I also have the opportunity to pick up a pristine pair of heresy 2’s and 3 pair of heresy 1’s that are in beater shape that need a ton of work. No matter the choice I will be doing crites upgrades on all of the speakers legends or heresies. Haven’t had any experience with crites upgrades, are heresy or legend upgrades more costly? Will there be a timbre matching difference between the heresy 1’s and 2’s after crites conversion? Also what would be the best recommendation on atmos speakers for the heresies? Theater room is about 28x30. Would drive the system with pioneer elite vsx-lx503 and b&k separate amps (on 5 channels). Plan on upgrading to either an arcam, marantz, or anthem processor in the future and finding the best amps for whichever series I go with. The heresies are gonna need a lot of restoration work but are available now. Legends I’m gonna have to go through the headache of tracking down and picking up/get shipped to me. What are you guys thoughts on which route to take, and why? Has anyone heard both an all legend and an all heresy home theatre? I helped a friend years ago set up an all legend series theatre which was amazing and that was back in the days of 5.1/6.1. (He got a pair of klf 30’s after babysitting mine for me for a month or so, then completed the full surround system) Btw having two pair of klf 30’s as extra stereo sets if I go with the heresy option is no problem and I have the gear to run two separate audiophile stereo configurations on the 30’s. Choices, choices, choices... Any thoughts, experiences, advice you guys have would be much appreciated.
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