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Found 9 results

  1. I’ve got 1992 AK-3 klipschorns. I’ve had them for about 2 years and never been completely happy with the sound. The upper range sounds a bit bright and harsh to me. I’ve swapped out amps and am now actually using a biamped configuration with a decware “Rachel” powering the squawker and tweeter and a parasound a23+ the bass bins. I’ve tried each of those on their own as well as an adcom 555ii on its own. I’ve used digital EQ (not analog) and this helps tame the beast. I haven’t done digital room correction. But I am now using a active dsp to apply EQ and split the frequency crossovers for bass and upper in the line level preamp signal. Are there good 3rd party options to improve the sound? I’ve been doing a bit of reading and of course everyone has a different opinion. Some love the mid driver & horn while others really believe it’s inferior. I ran across the person selling a build your own Eliptrac 400 2-inch elliptic wood tractrix replacement horn. Would this MDF horn really offer an improvement on its own with the existing driver? There is also a modifier you need to attach it to the driver. This sounds a tad “clugey”. Has anyone swapped the horn out? Are there any other horn or driver/diaphragm options? Are there any crossover changes upgrades I can and should make noting that I’m still using the upper speaker level crossover to divide between the 2 upper drivers.
  2. Perri


    I have a pair of R-28F’s which has served me well. Suddenly I don’t get any sound from both horns. I tried speakers on a different receiver and same thing happened. Tested both horns individually and they work just fine. I’m beating myself up. Please help me solve this.
  3. I’m posting these for a friend of mine who is computer illiterate. These started as Voice of the theater that have been quite modded. He says they sound way better than stock. He is running Klipsch k-77 and K-55v and Peavy 115s woofers. Now for the asking price he’s including all the altec woofers, drIvers and horns that he has. He lives just outside of Gadsden Al. Pm me if interested and I’ll put you in touch with him. $1500
  4. My Project just got cancelled and I don't have room due to remodel, must sell all these components! $320 Unfinished wood tractrix style horns, sanded and unfinished, ready for 1" or 2" drivers - They are: The openings are 24" x 9" or 10-3/4" overall height They are 14-1/4" deep The driver opening is 2-1/8" tall by 2" wide $160 Beautiful walnut stained 3/4" Baltic birch bass bins, 24"x 24"x 24" HORN BOXES - THE FACE REMOVES! $100 SOLID BRASS FEET (6) - Triple point supports to single point contact, heavy $120 Make offers - some ship easy, some not so easy! All shipping costs will be quoted before we settle on final price - I'm in west suburbs of Chicago - thanks!
  5. Pair of Klipsch Heresy speakers series H-BR (stained by the original owner at some point).Very good condition with one exception - one badge is missing.I have another Klipsch badge and can include it though it looks different (see pictures).Speakers perform flawlessly! Drivers complement: K-22-FE K-55V K-77 SOLD
  6. I have a pair of factory shipping boxes and jigs or frames for the horn section tops. Located in Western NY State. Free to someone who can use them. 1998 build year. Shipping from zip code 14032.
  7. https://washingtondc.craigslist.org/mld/ele/6102874212.html Very curious about these. For $50, I might go ahead and buy them! No affiliation, of course.
  8. I need.... I hate this saying. I have two awesome Concert series S4115H speakers, Replaced 15" woofers with, PA3808 15" Pro Woofer 8 Ohms. and a cheap tweeter. Cheap and sounded good for it's time. I used a Yamaha Km-206 amp, a SAE Mark 5 pre amp. These speakers rocked my house. Thank you neighbors. It wasn't loud enough-Oops, added a Beringer Nu 6000 amp, at 1500 watts into 8 Ohms. Blew horns rated at 300 watts RMS. Do you sell replacements that can handle this. Thank you william_sawyers@yahoo.com Thank you from a children author of Concord Ca. William Sawyers
  9. So I saw a listing this morning for replica Klipschorn cabinets, made to PWK specs. No drivers or crossovers. The owner recommends re-veneering since they were built 30 years ago. Would you go for it? If so, what would be your total budget for the cabs, drivers and crossovers? How much work would it take to do it right?
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