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Found 9 results

  1. I have a question on dimensions of the K 402 horn. The data sheet shows the width = 39.5 inch and the height = 25.5 inch. Does this include the width of the flange? If I were entering data into a tractrix calculator, would I use these dimensions or subtract the width of each flange? I would like to thank everyone who posts on this site. I read it and enjoy it quite often. I do not post often, but I get a lot of joy from this site. Dan
  2. I have a pair of K402s for sale. I live in Belgium, Europe. So I guess it will probably be best to have them sold to someone in Europe, as to keep shipping costs to a minimum and avoid customs, TAV, ... The 402s come complete, inc. horns, stands, and 2 pair of drivers: 1) Klipsch K-69-A 2) Radian 950 Be PB, Beryllium diaphragms, 4" voice coil, 2" exit, Neodymium, 8 ohm I bought these drivers new on sep. 17. They were in use for +/- 120hrs, they are actually just broken in. Always used in our living room. Original packaging available, price is €3500 + shipping. Reason for selling = WAF 😭
  3. Hello, I have a pair of Crites crossovers built for K402 w/ Faital Pro HF200. They cross at 500Hz for mating with a Belle, Lascala bass bin. $125 USD plus shipping from Vancouver BC.
  4. I know I know, the Jub bass bin is half of what makes a Jubilee a Jubilee, but for now lets pretend that the K402 has a lot to do with it. I have recently purchased a pair of K402/k510 combos. These have the passive between the K402 and K510. The K402s have the 1133s and the K510s have the B&C DE 75-8s. Now if it makes any difference, I do have a set of B&C DE750TN-16. These will sit on top of my Diy Belle Bass bins. I am eager to try this as a two way with just he K402 and B&C, but could use some help getting started. I am also wanting to give the three way try as well. I was wondering if anyone had the pdf file for the Jubscala in any configuration, preferably with the B&C driver. As of right now, I am running the eq settings from the Klipsch site for the Jubilee, I figured it was something to start with. I have complied a small list of active eq settings form other forum members, such as Chris's Belle tri amped. However, that set up is using the K510 as the mid and the Beyma tweeter. I do have a umk-1 and REW, so when my room is done, I will give it the good college try at figuring out the optimal settings, but for now I thought I would try something that has worked for others. I was hoping once we compiled a list of different configurations, we could make this thread sticky for those that come down this road in the future. Jubilee settings for all variations using Dx38.xls
  5. Just disclosed my first buy via this forum succesfully, so I thought why not put out some feelers for the future? Not urgently looking for these parts, but if anyone is ever looking to sell them (or planning too), hit me up! Very interested! Ultimately looking for: 1) 5-9 Faital HF-200 or 20AT drivers. 2) another pair of K510 horns 3) a pair of K-402 drivers! Important! I'm located in Europe, so I can only do shipping. To be clear, a lot of stuff you guys sell and offer over here is: or never available in Europe OR still cheaper than buying it over here (prices or some products are hugely inflated over here)(the 2x horns I mentioned would have to be shipped from the US, even if I buy them new.. so shipping them second hand is still way cheaper than new). Thanks in advance
  6. Hey I was recently looking into some big badass horns from Autotech, and was wondering what I should actually look for.. a lot of those horns only include size measurements and crossover point. Not a lot to go on.. The SEOS-30 horn were recommended to me once as a similar design as the K-402, but is this even? No way to know without some good comparisons. Sizewise it does look to match. But as it had so few info I was looking into some other horns, which had more info (I asked them, and if the info is not included on the site then they dont have them). Question is, what to deduce from the included specs? How much should I be looking at the frequency responses? I know "all compression drivers" and horns need EQ (which I will be applying, with lets say a Xilica), so are the ranges even relevant? And what about the polar maps (only horizontal), what is good? I'm guessing it should be a uniform as possible within the appropriate range (in my case that would be 500-700hz and up). Was hoping to maybe find a polar map of the K-402 as I know it to be excellent, but havent had any succes finding it. And, in your expert opinions, what look like the "ultimate horn" (design) for HiFi in a moderate room ((5x6m/15ftx18ft) with an adjoining room of 8square meter/40sqft). Not super relevant in the question I want to be asking at this moment, but I will be going for the horn that best fits my size requirements (I actually only got one which is it shouldnt exceed 1,5-1,66 ft. in height). Design wise it will be matched with a LaScala bin (or maybe even a stack) and Faital HF200 (or 20AT) and I will also test it with the K55M (+ 2" adapter) and a K77 (or CT120) tweeter in a 3-way (I already have those, so it doesnt hurt trying it right) Hoping to get some good (general) info into horns and what to look for when comparing them! Thanks!
  7. Hey guys, Forced to down size; so I am testing the market for my custom K402 Belle two-way. I may end up storing these, but right now I would be looking at storing them indefinitely. Any interest in these -- local sale only. In Vancouver BC CANADA. I could drive them a reasonable distance to accommodate. No price yet, as they are DIY (...priceless?) Featured on the Klipsch Blog last year: http://www.klipsch.ca/blog/steve-bedard-diy-klipsch-k-402-speaker Details: K402 > FatailPro HF200 > Crites custom XO > (heavy) DIY Belle > Crites cast frame (can supply Eminence woofer as well). The mount was never fully built, so i tend to tape them down to a basic stand i made and never fully completed. Build thread: They work great. any interest -- offers? deals? trades?
  8. anyone build a wood 402 yet? if they did how did it sound?
  9. From the album: Collections + Setups

    Klipsch K402 Horn: original product photograph vs. retouched composite rendering.

    © Ryan Hendrix

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