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  1. Well, now you are showing off...! nice speakers -- thanks for the advice.
  2. Really?! What do the OG badges look like? I can work the wood a bit, but yeah, rough shape cosmetically. Asking $300. Seen nice ones go for twice that.
  3. A little rough, but I am handy with veneer refinishing.
  4. Hey guys, stumbled on a pair of H700 Heresy's at an antieque shop while on vacation. What's the going rate on these: 1966 model. They work well, but the cane grills and enclosures are a little beat up. The logos look good. Should I buy them?
  5. Whats the difference between the 1231 and the 231 model? There's one for sale locally.
  6. Cool, let me know how it goes. Main thing for me is to not introduce any extra noise.
  7. Room treatments are tough. Here are few random notes: I'd recommend you identify a specific issue before trying to solve the 'problem'. As a rule of thumb: A very good room will have about 20% of all surfaces covered with broad band absorption and 20% of all surfaces with broadband diffusion -- plus bass traps in corners. and by all surfaces, I mean walls, floor and ceiling. Treating only a small area of a room is kind of like throwing a bucket of water on a house fire. Try opening a window and seeing if there is a difference -- a window is a perfect absorber; as any sound that hits it does not reflect back into the room. My point being that, the small relative surface area likely does very little to the overall sound in your listening space... Be careful when using thin absorption. You can reduce a specific high frequency reflections that accentuate other frequency -- either positively or negatively.
  8. The Leben integrated amp has RCA "record out" > "tape in" and a "tape monitor" switch... so, I should be able to put it in line and switch it off completely when testing.
  9. Can those DBX units be placed in line with the speaker level output or does it have to be before the power amp?
  10. I am using a custom Belle 2-way speaker. My amp is a Leben CS-600. I currently don't feel I 'need' an EQ at the moment, but I would like to try one to see what my room is adding / subtracting from my sound.
  11. Hello, I am interested in adding an EQ to my hifi. I would like it to be highend and analog (my system is turntable only). I am looking for some recommendations -- I am open to new / used / vintage...
  12. Funny how reasonable offers often fall on unreasonable people sometimes.
  13. any idea if those RWO monitors are still around?
  14. 110dB -- measured on my phone the other day.