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  1. Hello, Also, pair of Crites 120 Tweeters (the new ones). $175 plus shipping from Vancouver, BC. Steve
  2. Hello, nearly new pair of A-55G midrange from Crites. $300 USD plus shipping from Vancouver BC. Let me know, Steve,
  3. I write the above not to be dismissive or flippant to other experiences. But, I do read a lot of gentlemen stating the measurable variations on replacement components. Replacing all the replaceables has brought a great music listening experience into my living room.
  4. I tried them a couple years back. Good sound you are right. But require a little modification to ensure they don’t top out on the motor board. And they can’t handle the same level. The idea of this project was to use ‘off the shelf’ Klipsch upgrade parts. My conclusion is... go for it.
  5. I should note as far as the A-55. I never really liked most of the various 2" drivers I've heard. They all sound a little too PA industrial to me. I much prefer the smaller diaphragms in my living room.
  6. I am using Crites AA crossover, stock. I am very impressed with the Belles and the new components. They are very modern sounding but with more punch and dynamics and anything else Ive heard. Low bass will come later. i am thinking a pair of 12" servo subs. However, being in an older apartment building, the subs may wait... Currently using a current model Luxman 507uXII 110wpc into 8ohms. I'd love to demo their 30 wpb Class A amp...
  7. Over the past few months I have been slowly swapping out the stock components in my Belles with Crites'. I first added the the XO, then the cast woofer, then the A-55G squawker, then CT120 tweeter. Some completely non scientific and random observations below. The woofer was the most difficult to install for obvious reasons. Also because someone decided to add glue to the mounting hardware. The originals were square magnets. The woofer was very mechanical sounding at first. It took a couple weeks before sounding like music again. However, the added efficiency of modern driver through the entire balance out of whack. I did not like the sound very much with just this component swapped in. The squawker was obviously a very easy installation: 4mins total. These again increased the efficiency of the Belles. They are louder. They are also more analytical; a hair bit of smoothness is gone. Vocals are very crisp. I feel the crossover point between the woofer and squawker is more filled in. There appears to be no dip at all in frequency response (not measured, just listening). Using the modern compression driver with the modern woofer is a great match for my Belles; I funded the added low end smooths out the more forward midrange on the music I am most interested in. The tweeter on the Belles is pretty easy to get at, as the entire upper half can slide out once you back off 4x screws. Cant imaging the LaScalas are that easy to access. The new tweeter is amazing. It is much better than the CT125. It really keeps up with the entire new component compliment. Everything this sharper and more defined. The stereo image is crazy tall and wider than with the stock (K-77 alnico) tweeter. Overall, I am very happy with the upgrades. These Belles are kinda beat up on the outside, but with 100% new components they sound modern and fresh. They are insanely snappy and dynamic. They are loud; the only drawback being that I may have to consider getting a lower powered amp as a result... I think the most important piece to remember is, in my option, none of these can happen on their own. I feel they must be done all or nothing. Putting back any of the older components, resulted in a serious lack of keeping up with the newer drivers.
  8. YEAH, yours look great. Mine are beat up now... kinda dig the aesthetic for now. The sound is great, Crites woofers in, squawkers on their way, and tweeters soon. My friend with LaSs, and all original drivers said the ALK steppingstones slide XO was a real game changer. The Belle/402 was just way too disconnected to sound like music in a residential space.
  9. Ive gone two way and super custom, but I found diminishing returns the further away from the original design. I found the Faital 2" drivers to be very 'PA' or mechanical sounding, and less enjoyable for daily listening. My goal is to make these Belles as close to original as possible while using modern spec components that will last another 30 years.
  10. Hello, I've been really enjoying my Belles the past few months. Slowly repair and upgrading them to get the most out of them. Is there any upgrade path on the K500 without chaining the the driving compatibility? Seen some dampening techniques, but wondering about other modern alternatives... Something like this would fit with minimal changes to the motherboard: https://www.parts-express.com/goldwood-gt-400pb-1-horn-1-3-8-18-tpi--270-095 SPECIFICATIONS Horn Type: Constant directivity Throat Diameter: 1", 25mm Dispersion: 100
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