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  1. those are exactly what im after. whats that cost to put on a pallet and ship to Blane WA?
  2. The GPAs are the best Altec 604s Ive heard. I'm just getting out fro most of my DIY projects. Cornwalls would be fun to have around for a while.
  3. Price Drop: will trade for Omega speakers or Cornwalls... $1,345 USD $1,800 CDN
  4. Price Drop: Only including KT77 and Sovetk 6L6 tubes. $5,400. CDN $4,035. USD
  5. Remind me again what drivers and ohms this is set up for...?
  6. GPA Altec 604-8Hiii with the matching N604 8C Crossover. This is for a pair of drivers and crossovers. Drivers and Crossover purchased last year and auditioned in different enclosures. Current model (pictures from web, actual photos to come). Low hours on all components. $1,650 USD $2,200 CDN Located in Vancouver BC, Canada
  7. Leben CS-600Excellent condition -- no marks. Stereophile Class AIncludes 6 sets of power tubes: KT90EH, Gold Lion KT77, Allnic Audio (Winged C KT88), Sovetk 6L6, 2x sets of Russian 6n3cE.Also, original double box and manual. $5,100 USD $6,800 CDN Located in Vancouver BC, Canada
  8. Sorry for the late reply. I have the latest GPA model __ https://great-plains-audio.myshopify.com/collections/frontpage/products/604-8h-iii
  9. I have a pair of Altec 604’s if that interests you at all...
  10. FOR SALE - Custom crossover built by Bob Crites for my K402 / Belle / Faital Pro HF200 DIY project. Open to Offers -- The Crossovers will ship from Vancouver BC
  11. For Sale, Type HIE crossovers -- Offers. These were pulled from a set of Belles...?! I'm not sure if these have been altered. Please see picks and ask questions as needed. I am open to offers -- these will be shipping from Vancouver BC
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