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  1. FOR SALE - Custom crossover built by Bob Crites for my K402 / Belle / Faital Pro HF200 DIY project. Open to Offers -- The Crossovers will ship from Vancouver BC
  2. Stevenarrow

    TYPE HIE Crossovers - FS

  3. Stevenarrow

    TYPE HIE Crossovers - FS

    For Sale, Type HIE crossovers -- Offers. These were pulled from a set of Belles...?! I'm not sure if these have been altered. Please see picks and ask questions as needed. I am open to offers -- these will be shipping from Vancouver BC
  4. Stevenarrow

    New Belles !!!

    That was me. I run through speakers pretty fast...
  5. Stevenarrow

    New Belles !!!

    Crises says likely not hurting but the woofer to squawker xo point is too high. Missing mid range.
  6. Stevenarrow

    New Belles !!!

    Hey ya. Got a new pair of Belles for myself. They appear to have HIE crossovers...that’s strange. Any my concerns with running them like this until I can get a proper replacement installed
  7. Stevenarrow

    Crites Passive XO for K402

    Hello, I have a pair of Crites crossovers built for K402 w/ Faital Pro HF200. They cross at 500Hz for mating with a Belle, Lascala bass bin. $125 USD plus shipping from Vancouver BC.
  8. Stevenarrow

    K402 with diy Belle

    Thanks for the interest guys -- I have gotten a few PMs. I am looking into shipping costs.
  9. Stevenarrow

    K402 with diy Belle

    horn, driver and XO. we can discuss trades and shipping costs. give me a PM.
  10. Stevenarrow

    K402 with diy Belle

    $1000 USD for the top end? ...I'd trade if someone had and interesting cartridge or bookshelf speakers or who knows.
  11. Stevenarrow

    K402 with diy Belle

    Would you be interested in the complete top end?
  12. Stevenarrow

    K402 with diy Belle

    Yup, LEBEN CS600 integrated and phono stage.
  13. Stevenarrow

    K402 with diy Belle

    Hey guys, Forced to down size; so I am testing the market for my custom K402 Belle two-way. I may end up storing these, but right now I would be looking at storing them indefinitely. Any interest in these -- local sale only. In Vancouver BC CANADA. I could drive them a reasonable distance to accommodate. No price yet, as they are DIY (...priceless?) Featured on the Klipsch Blog last year: http://www.klipsch.ca/blog/steve-bedard-diy-klipsch-k-402-speaker Details: K402 > FatailPro HF200 > Crites custom XO > (heavy) DIY Belle > Crites cast frame (can supply Eminence woofer as well). The mount was never fully built, so i tend to tape them down to a basic stand i made and never fully completed. Build thread: They work great. any interest -- offers? deals? trades?
  14. Stevenarrow

    Sweet pair of Klipsch Baltimore Belles

    Yeah, really softens the look. Totally winner.
  15. Stevenarrow

    *Delete* Crites Jubilee crossovers *sold*

    I believe Crites XO tames a bump in the mids below 2000Hz when a HF200 is on the big horn. He provided plot with my XO.