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  1. K402 with diy Belle

    Thanks for the interest guys -- I have gotten a few PMs. I am looking into shipping costs.
  2. K402 with diy Belle

    horn, driver and XO. we can discuss trades and shipping costs. give me a PM.
  3. K402 with diy Belle

    $1000 USD for the top end? ...I'd trade if someone had and interesting cartridge or bookshelf speakers or who knows.
  4. K402 with diy Belle

    Would you be interested in the complete top end?
  5. K402 with diy Belle

    Yup, LEBEN CS600 integrated and phono stage.
  6. K402 with diy Belle

    Hey guys, Forced to down size; so I am testing the market for my custom K402 Belle two-way. I may end up storing these, but right now I would be looking at storing them indefinitely. Any interest in these -- local sale only. In Vancouver BC CANADA. I could drive them a reasonable distance to accommodate. No price yet, as they are DIY (...priceless?) Featured on the Klipsch Blog last year: http://www.klipsch.ca/blog/steve-bedard-diy-klipsch-k-402-speaker Details: K402 > FatailPro HF200 > Crites custom XO > (heavy) DIY Belle > Crites cast frame (can supply Eminence woofer as well). The mount was never fully built, so i tend to tape them down to a basic stand i made and never fully completed. Build thread: They work great. any interest -- offers? deals? trades?
  7. Sweet pair of Klipsch Baltimore Belles

    Yeah, really softens the look. Totally winner.
  8. *Delete* Crites Jubilee crossovers *sold*

    I believe Crites XO tames a bump in the mids below 2000Hz when a HF200 is on the big horn. He provided plot with my XO.
  9. Klipsch La Scala wood speakers for sale - Sold

  10. FS - Klipsch Heresy II's in Walnut ($550, OBO)

    serial numbers?
  11. H700 Heresy... should I buy them?

    that's funny - I sealed the panels and added silicon to interior joints.
  12. H700 Heresy... should I buy them?

    Just a couple quick picks after putting them back together... great thing about these old cabinets: 1. Theres plenty of veneer to sand, and 2. you can remove the front and rear baffles... so if the top is too damaged from a plant pot, simply flip it over and refinish the bottom. The wood looks fantastic -- got most of the heavy staining out of the grill. They have a nice vintage character now. Still sound great (new Crites crossover).
  13. H700 Heresy... should I buy them?

    I'm putting these back together. Any benefit to using foam tape gaskets for the baffles or around the horns? Originally just screwed wood on wood (poor seal).
  14. done

    What is the length of the horn? Likely wouldn't fit in a cornwall cab.
  15. done