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Found 297 results

  1. Klipsch Reference RSB-11 Sound Bar with Wireless Subwoofer - Black On Ebay https://ebay.to/2V2mNPN
  2. Klipsch La Scala Speakers On Ebay https://ebay.to/39zNf7y
  3. Klipsch RF-7 III Floorstanding Speaker - Each (Black) On Ebay https://ebay.to/2UE9BR7
  4. Klipsch Reference IV RS42 (Set of 4) 8 ohm 75 watt Surround Speakers On Ebay https://ebay.to/2S3jxlk
  5. Klipsch Reference Premiere RP-600M - Audiophile Bookshelf speakers On Ebay https://ebay.to/2OCBQvR
  6. I have an excellent pair of Forte I's that have been upgraded with Bob Crites crossovers and diaphragms. Original parts included. I bought these just before I found a pair of Cornwall's. So they have been used very little. I am the second owner. Unfortunately the original owner removed the serial number tags. $750. I also am selling a beautiful Mcintosh MC7200. Serviced about 3 years ago (1 bulb changed and re-biased). It comes with a beautiful condition Mac wood cabinet. $2000. Lasting I'm selling a excellent condition Mcintosh CV34V pre-amp. $1100. It also comes with a beautiful wood cabinet. Mcintosh boxes and owners manuals included. If you aren't interested in the wood cabinets on either piece I'll knock off $100. I'm located in Waukesha, WI. Local pickup. Cash only. Sorry, no trades. Oh yea, I have a pair of custom made speaker stands for Klipsch KG4's that I'll include for free if interested.
  7. Klipsch RF-7 III Natural Cherry Floorstanding Speaker On Ebay https://ebay.to/2RYuV0N
  8. Klipsch RC-64 III Natural Cherry Center Channel speaker On Ebay https://ebay.to/2RpWyRg
  9. Klipsch RP-8000F Ebony Vinyl (Each) Tower Speaker On Ebay https://ebay.to/3axE7Sd
  10. My klipsch r-100sw subwoofer amp got burn due to a lightning. I am looking for a suitable plate amp or any kind of amp that goes with the speaker because I cannot afford a new one. I am from Sri Lanka and cannot find any agent for klipsch for parts also. That is why I am looking for a third party amp. I can buy online from any site. So please guide me to a place. Thanks.
  11. Klipsch RP-8060FA Floorstanding Speaker with Dolby Atmos - Each (Ebony) On Ebay https://ebay.to/3aeCwAJ
  12. Klipsch RP-600M Ebony Vinyl (Pr) Bookshelf Speakers On Ebay https://ebay.to/2FHcYhv
  13. Klipsch RP-8000F Reference Premiere Floorstanding Speaker - Each (Walnut) On Ebay https://ebay.to/2QpqAE6
  14. Klipsch RP-500SA Dolby Atmos Speakers - Pair (Walnut) On Ebay https://ebay.to/39nAYnk
  15. Klipsch Heresy III 12"3-way/400watt Walnut Speaker On Ebay https://ebay.to/2QcO91P
  16. Klipsch RP-504C Center Channel Speaker (Ebony) On Ebay https://ebay.to/2PAPtMO
  17. Hello All, It's my first post here, I am Eric from Belgium and bought me a 5.1 Klipsch setup and I have some questions 😀 My setup: Marantz SR6009 2x RP-5000F 1x RP-404C 1x SPL-120 2x RP-500SA Is there someone here who did a bi-amp configuration on the RP-5000F series and was there a noticeable difference? There is a lot of info with believers and non believers but I am searching someone who had my setup and did it 😀 Thank you in advance for your feedback. Regards, Eric
  18. Klipsch Forte III Speakers (Pair) - Distressed Oak On Ebay https://ebay.to/2PiGZdb
  19. Klipsch RP-500M Reference Premiere Speakers - Pair On Ebay https://ebay.to/2OYaIrI
  20. Klipsch RP-600M Reference Premiere Speakers Pair On Ebay https://ebay.to/33DDjGx
  21. Klipsch RC-64 III Walnut Center Channel speaker On Ebay https://ebay.to/2O2VCAs
  22. Hello! I am new to this forum and this is my first post. I am also very new to home theater and audio equipment and have been really enjoying the process of this new community. Right now I have a 5.2 system in a very small 12’x10’ room. The sound is pretty good. I am using Klipsch R-620f towers for my Front L&R and the Klipsch R-34c for my center. My question is this: I have been looking to possibly upgrade to the Klipsch RP-600m for my Front L&R. I feel this upgrade in quality might be worth it from my home theater. Is this upgrade from the reference series to the premier series worth it?
  23. Klipsch KS-525-THX Surround Speakers (Pair) On Ebay https://ebay.to/2Qjypf3
  24. Klipsch Heresy III Floorstanding Speaker Walnut - Pair On Ebay https://ebay.to/2CiJqFh
  25. Klipsch 1066557 BAR 48 3.1-Channel 440W Soundbar System w/ 8" Subwoofer Black On Ebay https://ebay.to/325CQw6
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