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Found 8 results

  1. Good day everyone! As my first question/post, i'd like to say Klipsch has been the only brand of speakers I've ever owned. I've always been pleased and even more so now that I've recently purchased 2 R-28F Speakers. Right, on to my question; may be a little long. I've tried to get straight answers or 'scientific' answer to the quality, level and wattage of receiver I should get when it comes to powering my Klipsch speakers. My current system is the Klipsch Quintet 5 they sound amazing. This is joined with a Yamaha RX-377 and the Klipsch SW-112 Subwoofer. I knew these small speakers wouldn't take much to power, so I got the Yamaha receiver. However, I purchased 2 Klipsch R-28F Floor-standing speakers to replace my 2 front speakers. I will, soon, be getting another pair of those to replace my rear speakers and will be replacing my center speaker soon after that with a Klpisch R-25C Center Speaker. I'm fairly certain I would be under-powering these speakers and from what Klipsch has mentioned, this isn't healthy for these speakers. How I use these beauties: Music and Movies Prefer to crank up the sound as much as I can. Speakers are no more than 10ft away from listening position(although may change later to no more than 15ft) Considering what I will be using in the future. What receiver is my best option? Would I need a more elaborate setup to properly drive these towers? If no particular selection of receivers can be provided, what should I look for when searching for a receiver to properly compliment the Klipsch speakers? I certainly do appreciate y'alls replies and input. Looking forward to seeing responses! Thanks!
  2. Last year, I purchased a 65" 4K HDR TV set, Samsung M8500 UHD BR player, Yamaha Aventage ATMOS receiver, and Quintet 5 speakers. I have a smallish 10x10 living room. Since the TV was hung just a foot under the ceiling, I added a speaker-mount bar, that attaches to the top set of the TV mount bolts (see generic photo below). I put the quintet center, and 2 quintet speakers, below the TV. I mounted the other 2 quintet speakers to the speaker-mount bar, either side of the TV, so they are about 2 feet below the ceiling. For the rear surrounds, I used a pair of bookshelf speakers I already had. Now, Fry's is selling the R-14S surrounds for $139. Should I place the R-14S in the rear, to replace my non-Klipsch bookshelf surrounds? Or should I put the 2 quintets in the rear surround position, and use the R-14S as the front height speakers? Will the R-14S overpower the quintets? I just want consistent sound, that won't make me go "there go the rears". The R25C center channel speaker is also on sale, for $124. Should I replace the quintet center with the R25C? Will it overpower/mismatch the other quintet speakers? If I replace the quintet center, is there anything I can do with it? The days of 6.1 surround sound are long behind us (I still have a Panasonic SA-HE200 receiver from the 6.1 days) I can't afford to replace all of the speakers just yet, so your advice would be much appreciated. Art the newbie
  3. The Reference towers are approx 1.5 years old. Perfect shape. Ebony finish. No boxes for these, so local cash pickup only (Auburn, WA). $500 firm. Actual pics available on request. The Quintet set is in great shape also. Bought used locally a couple years ago, but we moved shortly after I picked them up and the little system they were meant for never came to be. 4 sats and center only on these.. no sub. $150 firm. These are in their original packaging, so could ship them. And, although not my main focus to sell, I also have a pair of earlier SVS Ultra Cylinder subs (passive) with separate 1,000W Samson amp that I will part with. The room I'm in now will not accommodate these things. $700 for the pair with amp. Local only on these as well. Thanks for looking. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!
  4. I'm 72 and have some high-frequency hearing loss. Bought a new SUHD Samsung TV and would like to improve dialogue as well have a nice music system (no hard rock). I am definitely not an audiophile (it's like a foreign language). Thinking about Quintet set of speakers (like the size) and using an old Mirage BPS100 sub that I already have to make up a 5.1 system. Might want to add Atmos speakers at a later date. Maybe a Yamaha RX-V581 avr that will also permit an outdoor patio zone. Will this be an improvement over 70s era Yamaha CR-840 avr and 2.1 Edge wall/Mirage sub that I am now using ? Room is about 13 x 15 and partially open on both ends.
  5. Finally settled on getting a set of Quintet speakers.... now which subwoofer? Mid-sized room. It will be right next to the front right speaker but sitting in a semi-open location (corner of wall with hallway behind it). Looking for something good and smooth for crossover reasons (120Hz) for both music and movies. Klipsch SW-350 (370) Polk Audio PSW111 (on sale: 180) Anything else in this price range?
  6. We just lowered the price of our Quintet Home Theater System to $349 on Klipsch.com, for this week only (MSRP is $549). This pricing ends on August 8th, so if you are looking for an inexpensive & space saving, yet great sounding 5.0 setup, you can't go wrong with this! http://www.klipsch.com/quintet-home-theater-system-2012
  7. I currently have an entry-level Yamaha RX-V371 receiver powering Klipsch Quintet along with a Klipsch SW 350 Subwoofer. I'm looking at upgrading the receiver to something "warmer" if that makes sense. The room is very open with hard surfaces (hardwood floor). Looking at the Denon X1000. Love Marantz, but a bit pricey. Any suggestions welcomed. Thanks.
  8. Looking at upgrading my Klipsch HD300 system. It was bought while in college (and broke) and now with more money on hand I'm ready to upgrade. Room: 17x19x8 - open floor plan with hall and kitchen entrances. Couch and seating located in middle Receiver: Yamaha RX-371 I want to improve on is lowering the crossover (150Hz) and improve overall "brightness" - I know that's a Klipsch thing but I want more midrange depth. Looking at: 1. Klipsch Quintet V 2. Polk Audio Blackstone TL250 3. Definitive ProCinema 600 I want the system to remain a lifestyle-sized system with no interest in going larger (due to it being the main living area and ....my wife). Please give me recommendations or pros/cons of the Klipsch system over the others. Also subwoofer recommendations. I am a huge fan of Klipsch and wish to remain a loyal customer (currently own: Klipsch HD300, Promedia 2.1, and headphones)
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