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Found 14 results

  1. Hi all, I’ve come across a pair of RF-3 II locally in the $300-400 range and I’m curious if these would be a noticeable upgrade compared to my current front left and right speakers (R-28F’s)? For reference, I’d be using them with a RP-450C center channel. Let me know your opinions. Thanks.
  2. Good day everyone! As my first question/post, i'd like to say Klipsch has been the only brand of speakers I've ever owned. I've always been pleased and even more so now that I've recently purchased 2 R-28F Speakers. Right, on to my question; may be a little long. I've tried to get straight answers or 'scientific' answer to the quality, level and wattage of receiver I should get when it comes to powering my Klipsch speakers. My current system is the Klipsch Quintet 5 they sound amazing. This is joined with a Yamaha RX-377 and the Klipsch SW-112 Subwoofer. I knew these small speakers wouldn't take much to power, so I got the Yamaha receiver. However, I purchased 2 Klipsch R-28F Floor-standing speakers to replace my 2 front speakers. I will, soon, be getting another pair of those to replace my rear speakers and will be replacing my center speaker soon after that with a Klpisch R-25C Center Speaker. I'm fairly certain I would be under-powering these speakers and from what Klipsch has mentioned, this isn't healthy for these speakers. How I use these beauties: Music and Movies Prefer to crank up the sound as much as I can. Speakers are no more than 10ft away from listening position(although may change later to no more than 15ft) Considering what I will be using in the future. What receiver is my best option? Would I need a more elaborate setup to properly drive these towers? If no particular selection of receivers can be provided, what should I look for when searching for a receiver to properly compliment the Klipsch speakers? I certainly do appreciate y'alls replies and input. Looking forward to seeing responses! Thanks!
  3. Hello...I recently bought a pair of R-28F speakers and it looks like one of them has a blown tweeter. I took the blown tweeter out and switched it with the one that was working and it still doesn't work. Additionally took the working one and put it into the speaker that had the broken tweeter and it did work so I am pretty sure the other tweeter is blown. That being said, I am trying to get a replacement tweeter but it looks like tweeters for that model speaker are on backorder. I called Klipsch and they confirmed as such. He said to check back in a couple of months. Does anyone have any leads on where I can get a tweeter for this model speaker or maybe know someone or does anyone have one to sell? lol. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance, Rob
  4. Hello all: I recently upgraded my fronts, added rp-500sa for atmos and moved the old fronts (r-28f') to use as rears giving me a 9.1 setup. But... my room configuration is such that one of the r-28'fs is only a couple feet behind the sofa and I can't reconfigure furniture setup. Is best option to replace them with rs-62ii's or rs-7's (can get decent deal on either compared to newer models) on stands to clear couch or am I best just leaving as is? Thanks for any assistance! P.S. Can't wall mount rears either.
  5. Hey everyone, I just joined and I’m hoping for center channel advice. I currently have the following set up: Denon AVR-X2300W receiver R-25C center R-28F front left and right speakers R-10SW sub Mirage Nanosat surrounds I’m looking to upgrade my center channel since I feel the voices are sometimes overpowered by the front left and right speakers. I can pickup a RC-25 speaker locally for $50, which has a titanium tweeter. Should I give that speaker a try? How important is timber matching? What are your suggestions? Thanks
  6. Hey guys, need some advice. I currently have an R-25C and a pair of R-28F as well as a pair R-14s. The R-28F sound fantastic, but I'm looking for a little more than the R-25C can give, but I got a really good deal on it ($100) and it blew my previous center out of the water and into outer space. I'm contemplating getting the RC-64 ii, but I don't want to "mismatch" it with my R-28F. I currently have a Yamaha RX-V675, and will be upgrading to the Yamaha RX-A3060 soon. Thoughts?
  7. Hello, I was looking for some guidance on Bi-Amping my new Klipsch R-28F. I am fairly familiar with electronics and such but just wanted to someone assistance in the hopes to avoid breaking something. So I want to bi-amp the speakers but I do not want to send the wrong frequencies to the tweeters or vice versa. Or will my amp be able to tell what frequencies to send not sure how to wire this. https://usa.yamaha.com/products/audio_visual/av_receivers_amps/rx-v681_u/index.html http://www.klipsch.com/products/reference-floorstanding-speakers Thanks,
  8. Hello, I have a current setup of Marantz 5010 with Klipsch R-28F and RS-52 II. I am looking for which center I should buy for my setup. It's being used mostly for watching movies, but of course music from time to time as well. After some reading I was first thinking of going for the RC-62 II, but I am also considering RC-64 II. Which one will go best together with my setup while also thinking about the price? Should I consider any other center? Will the Marantz 5010 have any problems if I go for the RC-64 II with my setup?
  9. Hi, I recently purchased some a pair of R-28F, I am planning on connecting them as Bi-Amp. I read they are supposed to be 8Ohms, but decided to meassure them with my multimeter. I meassure 4-4.2 ohms on the terminals, is that correct? If I remove the "bridge" and meassure the bottomn terminals, I get the same, if I meassure the top (tweeter?) I get nothing. I am not an expert on this, but should I not be meassuring 8 Ohm here?
  10. Hey everyone first post here! Recently just purchased the RC-62ii center channel and I currently have the R-28f hooked up as a stereo setup for mainly music and have a pair of the R-15M stored away in the closet because I'm slowly working my way up to a 5.1 setup for more movie focused sound. So my question is will my RC-62ii match well with these 4 or will it be a problem that its the reference II series vs. reference I. It didn't cross my mind at first but then I read that all speakers should have the same exact tweeters for the right sound. Thoughts? Also, any subs that you guys recommend? if any component of the system I would be open to another brand would be the sub. so throw any and all recommendations out there. I'm currently looking at the BIC Acoustech PL-200 and the R-12SWi and R-112SW if I can find them for the right price (under $500) Thank you!
  11. Hi, I'm thinking of buying a pair of Reference II R-28F. Would the Onkyo TX8150 be a good match for these speakers? I'm not interested in 5.1 or anything like that. And what exactly is underpowering? Do I run a risk if I would use speakers at a low volume? Thank you very much! Best regards, Ikon.
  12. Hi everyone, i recently bough the R-28F home theater system. I am not an audiophile but i believe i have a heart to enjoy and appreciate good sound. I have been reading through the specs and am getting a bit lost in the power output, that is i might damage the speakers by under powering it. Below is the speaker system setup R-28F FLOORSTANDING SPEAKER R-12SW SUBWOOFER R-25C CENTER SPEAKER R-14S SURROUND SPEAKERS I would like the experts here to suggest me a good receiver for this setup. I am having a budget of $400 to $500 and looking for a 7.1 ch. I am willing to answer further questions to the best of my knowledge. Apologies for being not enlightened enough when it comes to receivers. Thank you for all your kind help and i will sure update on how i am enjoying the sound once i set it all up !
  13. I have a Yamaha (btw good day)Rx-V581. I have a pair of R-28F, Pair of R-15M , R-25C R , R-12SW. Am I good to go , or do I need to upgrade my Receiver? Also I didn't see any jumpers (assuming they need to be a solid strip with no breaks connecting both posts. Each post there is an independent piece of metal ant the base of ea. post and that is it. All suggestions are appreciated. Neal
  14. I am building a new home theater and in the process of purchasing all of the necessary speakers and other associated hardware. I already have two R-28F towers for my main front speakers, and I have two R-14S surround speakers. My subwoofer is the R-10SW although I do have a second Martin Logan 10" sub I could use if I find it necessary. The room is wired for 5.1 so for the time being I am starting there but I may pull some new wires to upgrade to a 7.1/7.2 setup in the future. The receiver I have is an older Onkyo TX-SR507 which I fully acknowledge is underpowered but I will be replacing that soon and it will be moved into a secondary location (separate topic down the road). The room is currently setup with a 46" LCD but a projector will be coming soon (deciding which to buy). Screen size will be approximately 120" and the room size is 31'D x 20'W however primary viewing/listening position is approximately 15' from the front wall with the surround locations being approximately 19' from the front wall. The remaining space behind is used for a gaming area so it doesn't really factor into the proper "listening area". I mention dimensions so it is clear this is a larger space which helped explain why I opted to go for larger tower speakers as opposed to small wall mounted or in-wall options. The current issue I have is that I need a proper center channel to finish out the system. My two top options right now are the R-25C or the RP-440C. Because this room will primarily be used for watching television and movies as well as some gaming with perhaps less than 5% of the time devoted to music, I know I need to invest in a good center. From what I can find, the R-25C is the matching center for my towers and has dual 5.25" woofers. It is rated at 100W. The RP-440C on the other hand has four 4"woofers and can handle 150W, so it seems as if this would be capable of delivering a larger more robust sound. There is also the RP-450C which is the version with four 5.25" woofers which in theory is capable of even more although I suspect that may be a bit overkill for my needs. Does anyone have experience with these centers to know what would be ideal? Obviously the R-25C is less expensive which would be appreciated however if I am really doing a disservice to myself by not stepping up to the RP-440C or even the RP-450C then I'm open to suggestions. I hear a lot about "timbre matching" which suggests I should probably stick with the smaller R-25C but (with no disrespect to anyone here) a lot of what i have read elsewhere makes me think people just toss out phrases like "timbre matching" without bothering to actually listen to the speakers or they simply repeat what they heard elsewhere and consider it fact. I assume any good receiver is capable of balancing speakers to the point the typical listener would be more than satisfied, so I just want to ensure I have enough speaker to fill the room and ensure I'm drawn into the movie/game rather than being distracted by substandard audio. Any and all opinions welcome. TL;DR option - Need help picking a center. Top picks are R-25C and RP-440C. Already have R-28F towers, R-14S surrounds, and R-10SW sub.
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