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Found 7 results

  1. Greetings!!! I recently acquired a pair of black klipsch speakers (Chorus), I stripped the paint off, I'm on the sanding and fixing some details. I already know which paint to use ( Vaspar #40 sheen semi-gloss), thanks to previous post here, my question here is, Should I use a standard spray gun (with an air air compressor), paint sprayer (Wagner type) or a high quality foam roller? I don't want to cover the wood grain when painting it, I am trying to give it that original black look showing wood grain. My only concern with a spray gun (air compressor) is the over spray... Any advice or experience will be appreciated! Have a great weekend! Edwin
  2. Got these out of an old family house that about to be sold on the river inn Bandera, TX. They were moved there in the early 2000s from my Godfathers ranch in LaGrange, TX where he had one on each corner. I don't know if he got them with the house or bought them himself. My guess is the later to be honest. Anyway, I am trying to figure out exactly what i have and look for a new good home for them. My world these days is my home studio for tracking drums and don't have a proper space for something like these. So i am just trying to figure out what i have and what my options are. Here are some pictures which you can tell cosmetically they need some love, functionally they've tested good so far. I appreciate any guidance or education and hope thsi found the right slot in ya'lls forums. Thanks in advance.
  3. Hello fellow Klipsch- Owners, just signed up and wish to introduce myself to this forum. I live and work in Berlin/ Germany. I´m lucky to own several products by the Klisch Company, those beeing: • RF 3´s plus center, rear, surrounds and a sub; got these while I stayed with the German Air Force in El Paso TX. • A pair of KG 1.5´s, bought with my first own money. • A pair of Heresy E´s (mid 70s, my guess). These are family heirlooms of a sort, beeing passed from my uncle to my mother and then to me. When i´ve got the time i wish to restore both the 1.5 and the Heresy E. Andre
  4. Been enjoying my La scalas. They are a bit stained/dirty? I tried the beeswax/orange paste wipe on wipe off and didnt really notice a difference. Do i need to sand/buff and then what to seal it? They are raw birch and i love that look so want to keep that look and not stain/color/tint them..... Any advice???
  5. Don't know if this is the right place to ask, but I purchased my walnut Klipschorns in 1977. I've hauled them through six states in multiple moves over the years and upgraded the drivers and crossovers and such in 1989. Two questions... After the latest move, they've been in storage for the last two years and I'm getting them ready for a new, custom built room. Over time, my wife who doesn't believe these works of art's beauty should stand alone, has adorned them with decorations that have left rings and marks. Regular restoration miracles in a bottle will not remove them and I believe the only true remedy is light sanding. IS THE WALNUT JUST VENEER, AND IF SO, HOW THICK? Second, would you recommend updating the works again. Just before I put them in storage two years ago, they sounded great, but since I'm refinishing, have their been any changes worthwhile since the upgrade in 1989 that would warrant the expense and effort? Thanks for the help.
  6. I have a pair of Epic speakers in need of touch-up paint. Any thoughts specifically for the MDF front face, which appears to be somewhere between flat and semi-glass black? What about for the black veneer on the top and sides? Thx, --Scott
  7. I bought a pair of Heresy I's from an estate sale recently. I already have a pair of Heresy II's and KG4's so my purpose was to restore these and sell them. They weren't taken care of all that well and even had stickers on them it looked like they had been used in a mechanic's shop and the stickers made them look like something from NASCAR. The grill cloths were ripped in a couple of places and one of the emblems were missing. I was able to use goo be gone and get the stickers off cleanly, some light sanding and stain cleaned up the wood nicely. I was able to get new grill cloth from Bob Crite and an emblem from eBay, so cosmetically they are great now. One of the drivers had a small puncture and a rip in the surround. (pic attached) My thought was to 1) re-cone, 2) find a user driver on eBay or elsewhere, 3) Use a new Crite woofer or 4) search the internet for a K-22 "clone" that would work in it's place. Option 1 was seriously considered, used drivers were tough to find and somewhat costly compared to what I had spent already, the Crite woofers were incredibly expensive. So I ended up searching dozens of sites that sold raw drivers and eventually found one that was virtually an exact match. I found the T/S parameters for the K-22 as follows: NomZ=8 Ohm Re=6.9 Ohm Le=1 mH Qms=5.3 Qes=0.446 Qts=0.411 Fres=35 Hz Cms=359 uM/N Mms=57.6 Grams BL= 14 TM Sd=.053 square meters = 62 Sq Inches Vas= 143 Liters = 5.05 CuFt Xmax= 4mm Pmax= 100Watts SPL=93 dB @ 2.83V The driver I found has T/S as follows: Sensitivity: 96dB (W/M) Impedance: 8ohm Re: 7.2ohm Le: 1.213mH Frequency response: 48Hz~3KHz Fs: 48Hz Qts: 0.39 Qes: 0.428 Qms: 4.5 Vas: 94.5 liters Xmax: 7mm Overall frame diameter: 12.28" Required cutout: 11.06" Mounting depth: 5.00" This was as close of a match as I could find with any driver and the price was definitely right. I bought the driver to replace the one that was damaged. I installed it and the sound was great. But - here is the point of this post...........since my place is to sell the speakers, how does mis-matched drivers affect the value? If I were to keep the speakers, I would replace the K-22 with the new driver because personally I thought it sounded better. But to the person that would buy a vintage Hesesy, would having non-Klipsch drivers severely affect the value? What should I do to maximize the resale value? I've attached pics. The black driver is the new one and the grey driver is the original K-22.
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