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Found 8 results

  1. Original equipment 8” Klipsch K-1083-SB woofers. Absolutely in perfect condition. These are becoming very difficult to find these days, as the new replacement versions have a different dust cap arrangement. These are the direct replacement for and will fit: RF-3, RF-3 II, RF-35, RF-5, RC-7, RF-82 II This is a great opportunity to return your speakers to perfect original condition if you have damage to one (or more) of your drivers. I can have it connected in my garage to verify that it works to your satisfaction. I'm asking $120 for the pair or $65 for just one. I am located in the Southwest suburbs of Chicago near Naperville, IL. I'm looking for local pick up only at the moment. If they don't sell locally after a bit, I will entertain the idea of shipping as I do have the plastic shipping covers to protect the cones.
  2. Hi all, I’ve come across a pair of RF-3 II locally in the $300-400 range and I’m curious if these would be a noticeable upgrade compared to my current front left and right speakers (R-28F’s)? For reference, I’d be using them with a RP-450C center channel. Let me know your opinions. Thanks.
  3. I am trying to recap a pair of RF-3s using some old info I have found on the site. I have attached the schematic for reference. I am unable to find the 4.5uF caps from Dayton Audio. All I see are 4.3uF and 4.7uf. a) what would the difference be running one of these two? b) does anyone have a recommendation besides Dayton Audio that would have a 4.5uF cap available? My apologies if I have posted this in the wrong forum. If so, please let me know the best place to pose this question. Thank you. Klipsch RF-3 crossover schematics.pdf
  4. Hello fellow Klipsch- Owners, just signed up and wish to introduce myself to this forum. I live and work in Berlin/ Germany. I´m lucky to own several products by the Klisch Company, those beeing: • RF 3´s plus center, rear, surrounds and a sub; got these while I stayed with the German Air Force in El Paso TX. • A pair of KG 1.5´s, bought with my first own money. • A pair of Heresy E´s (mid 70s, my guess). These are family heirlooms of a sort, beeing passed from my uncle to my mother and then to me. When i´ve got the time i wish to restore both the 1.5 and the Heresy E. Andre
  5. Hi - looking for some advice on upgrading my home theater. After 15 years, I am upgrading my Home Theater. By upgrading, I mean moving to a 4k Projector and updating to a 4k Receiver, possibly moving to a Dolby Atmos system. However I would really like to reuse my Klipsch Reference 3 speakers because I think they still sound great! In 2002 I purchase a 6.1 system which had a Rear Center Surround Channel... as you can all see... that did not really take off. So I have my 2 RF-3 ii Towers, 3 RS-3 ii Surrounds and a SW. Can I integrate these into a new 7.2 system and/or Atmos system and what additional speakers do I need that would fit well with my existing system? Thanks for the help!
  6. Here's what may be one of nicest sets of RF-35's you may ever find. The drivers are in perfect shape. The wood finish is in cherry and is also in perfect shape. The grills are magnetic - not the original "floating grills" with the breakable pins - and are also in perfect shape. These have the internal wiring with Monster Cable. I really like these a lot and would keep them except that I need to free up some cash and hopefully nab another pair of speakers for sale here in the forum. So, these will need to move on to another good home so I can make some room. These are located in Livonia, MI on the west side of Metro Detroit. Pick up or meet within a reasonable driving distance. $385 for the pair. Pics are here (hit the "Prev" and "Next" buttons to view all 4 pics): http://s1114.photobucket.com/user/mwhell/media/RF-3II/P1090022_zps9byys2lg.jpg.html
  7. Greetings! So im new to the community and this is my first post! So far Ive enjoyed reading the conversations that this community has and now its time to get my feet wet as well . Here we go, I'm looking for a pair of reference series tower speakers to go with my RC-35 center channel. I just started building my surround setup (against my wife's will) and am on a very limited budget (aren't we all.) What I'm willing to pay is dependent on the condition and model of speakers. my maximum budget is $400 including shipping (if needed, I'm located close to Sacramento, CA.) Please PM me or comment if your looking to get rid of some speakers. PS:Any forum advise is also welcomed
  8. A few years ago I gave my dad a pair of RF 3 speakers. Today, he came over and we sat around listening to some LP's. My pair of forte's recently purchased from a fellow forum member where so wonderful that dad now wants a pair... So here they are. Willing to trade for a decent pair of 3 way Klipsch.
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