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Found 7 results

  1. I am wondering if anyone here has the Monoprice Monolith amplifiers? If so, what are your thoughts? i'm looking at the 9X to power my entire home theater. 200W @ 8ohm, all channel driven, 20-20khz x3 100w @8ohm, all channel driven, 20-20khz x6 - i think it doubles down to like 375W at @4ohm too. just wondering about any issues, how it 'sounds' if that's even a thing? thanks for any input !! can't wait for this thing to come off backorder and hit the buy now button.
  2. I’m looking for a good pair of RF7 II’s at a reasonable price, preferably in Arkansas. Please let me know if you have a pair you would like to sell. Thanks! Hogfan
  3. Hello all. Would like to hear relative merits of the above mentioned speakers. I listen mostly to progressive/alternative rock/old metal (Genesis, Yes, AIC, Radiohead, Black Sabbath, etc), some jazz here and there. Not much pop music. Use both digital and LP sources. Room is about 16' wide by 32' deep. Sit about 8-10' feet from speakers. I enjoy a big soundstage and life like representation of drums/percussion is very important. Like to feel the slam of the bass drum right in my chest. Have/had Forte I and KG4s so those are my Klipsch points of reference. Also, if anyone knows where i can audition these speakers in PA, MD, Central NY state, I'd appreciate it. I'm right in the middle of PA which is a hi-fi wasteland. Thanks a lot!
  4. Put the ear plugs in and the dog in the laundry room and played with my HK990 and rf7ii's for a short while today. Had a kill-o-watt I've been meaning to see what my system is actually drawing. I plugged the panamax into the Meter, and the Meter into a 1' extension cord into the wall outlet. I know this equipment is far from perfect, but I was just curious as to about what it would pull. The HK990, HD990 cd player, and AC T8 on idle pulled abut 220 watts. 200 watts alone for the HK990. Yikes I sit 14' from the rf7ii's for my db max on my iPhone decibel X ap doing readings. This room has 18' ceilings and is open all around it. Idle draw 215-220 watts Vol -35 av watts 220-225, peak 225, 81db peak Vol -10 av watts 300-305, peak 345, 106db peak Vol 0 av watts 460-470, peak 750 111db peak My HK goes to +10, but didn't think it was a good idea to go any louder. In bench tests it hit 200wpc@8ohm, and double down 400wpc at 4ohm If the HK draws 200 watts on idle, does that mean at my peak of 750 watts, 750-220(idle watts) 530 watts Divided by 2 channels = 265 wpc into the 7ii's?? I know the doubling of power, gain 3db standard, but what about in a real world setting listening to Money for Nothing, that was my CD that was playing It was extremely loud Any opinions? Anyone have a better way of measuring or done something similar? Might try and do the same with my Marantz Home theater set up tomorrow watching Fury Road I know the methods and measurements here are not accurate, but they have to be ballpark ideas. The HK should bottom out at 200wpc@8ohm, so did the ohm dip to 6-4 to allow for more wattage? Or are my measurements that off?
  5. I just got my (4) RF7II's to replace my (4) RF82II's. I built the riser in my theater so tweeter was exactly at ear height of 41". The RF7II's tweeter is at 45-46" When using spikes. So I screwed in front spikes and Screwed out rear spikes to angle the speaker foward So tweeter was with in 1" (confirmed with laser) at ear Height. Anyone here ever do this? Do you think this could Cause any issues with sound? I am asking because all I Have ever done was raise a floor standing speaker never Have tilted one.
  6. I recently purchased (4) RF7II to replace my wides & fronts that are currently RF82II. These are in fully dedicated theater. I have RB61II as my surrounds and figured why not use the RF82II as surrounds. I was planning on putting them on a 20"'enclosure and tilt them slightly with a slanted isolation pad and this will put them at 62". My question is, will it be okay to tilt these slightly? I have never tilted a floor standing speaker. My reasoning is to have surrounds in same place as bookshelves where (62") and aimed slightly down above ear level. I can't put them on floor at ear level bacuse my 2nd row of seating is on 10" riser to see over 1st row that is on 6" riser. If I can't tilt I will mount them at 48" (middle tweeter) so tweeter is slightly (2") above 2nd row setting. And 4" above 1st row setting. So tilt or no tilt guys?
  7. I am starting to get to the point in my HT build that I'm nitpicking electronics purchases. I have decided on my PJ and an oppo105D. So video is done. For the rack- I'm leaning heavily towards Emotiva XMC1 with the XPR5. I like the look, and it's higher build quality within my price range.... However- I have no idea what the thoughts are on these products with my setup. Reviewers seem to rave about the xmc & xpr. In the communities opinion- are these top performers for the dollar? Or should I steer clear. With a fully treated room (acoustic solutions) 4 RF7ii's (front and rear) 1 RF64ii (center) Dual 15's Room is 16x25
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