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Found 9 results

  1. Wife and I are trying to move and we are trying to get rid of basically everything when we move. I have a 7.1 surround sound system 4 - walnut rp 280f 1 - walnut rp 450c 2 - black rp-140s 1 - Klipsch R-120SW 1 - Pioneer elite vsx-lx503 receiver Trying to sell for around 1300, but price is negotiable.
  2. Hello everyone. First post. Recently purchased a new home and EVENTUALLY plan to build a dedicated theater and have 3 or 4 audio zones (maybe more) for music throughout the house. Would love some advise/ input on equipment. So far I have accumulated; rp280f, rp450c, rp250s (price matching @ bestbuy whenever frys or amazon went on sale). All speakers sit idle and have never been used. Was going to pull trigger on flagship avr but feel like it would be sad to invest thousands for a future paperweight. Also, given my "eventual" plans, I will need additional amplification anyway. So I thought a separate amp with a mediocre or used processor would be a decent start. Mcintosh caught my eye for thier looks and reputation, but am I crazy given the sensitivity of my speakers? I thought to start I would buy a newMc152 along with a used processors or avr then add from there. All comments & suggestions welcome and hope some has experience with pairing these speakers with mcintosh products. Peace & Love. Peace & Love.
  3. I bought RP-280F pair .. for Left and Right ..question? my klipsch RF-42 II (old) can I used, how surround back? or surround? how I get better sound for movies,, with surrounds RB-41II or this RF-42II? thanks for help. my sistem Home theater 7.2.4 AVR Marantz 7012 Bluray 4k Panasonic DP ub820 Front klipsch RP-280F Klipsch Center RP 504C Subwoofer klipsch R-110SW Subwoofer SVS PB 1000 Klipsch Surround and surround back RB-41 II Klipsch Dolby Atmos Rp 140SA front Klipsch Dolby Atmos Rp 500SA back Panamax MR4300 Emotiva BasX A-700 (2 pair Dolby atmos front, 2 pair Dolby Atmos back, Left, center, Right ) living Room size 13 x 31 (403 sq feet complete) (used front TV is 13 x 12 sq feet)
  4. Hi - I am new to this community as I am planning to buy my first Klipsch speakers Very very excited!!! The issue I have is to whether go with the RP280F or buy the latest updated version of RP8000F series. Has anyone demoed both these amazing speakers before? I had a demo yesterday for 8000F and they sound amazing (literally blew me out) and very detailed sound but not sure if 280F will sound the same as I haven't heard them before. Any advice would be appreciated. Klipsch RP-8000F + RP-402S + RP-504C + Klipsch SPL-120 or Klipsch RP280-F + RP450C + R112SW + RP240S [very less stock in the UK and might get for a much less price 😀]
  5. Hi, I started to build my HT and music centre by purchasing two RP280F as fronts and an R115SW 15" sub. The amp is Denon X4200W (7.1, 125wpc). Needles to say that the speakers provide superb and crystal clear sound and that is especially noticeable with high notes and the deep bass. Stereo music plays perfectly on this configuration. I do not have a centre speaker and I have noticed that the dialogue in movies is somewhat harder to hear than with my old budget Panasonic 5.1 "Home Theater in a box" which provided pretty decent sound. It had a cheap centre speaker, but it obviously served its purpose as I could understand the dialogue better than with my new speakers. Since I drained my bank account when I purchased above mentioned goodies, I would like to get an advice if I could get away with RP250C centre speaker or I should go all the way and buy RP450C to match my RP280F fronts? I listen the movie tracks pretty loudly, but that is because I like movie music and special effects. The voice is important to me, but it does not have to stand out compared to the sound effects. I assume that a centre speaker is normally not used when playing music from CDs or online live feed like Google play or Deezer unless I play it in virtual surround mode. Right? Thanks in advance, Sinisa
  6. I was thinking, if there may be an option where the performance of a floor-stander is desired, but also, want to keep almost everything at least a couple feet off the floor. Any comments or recommendations? Thanks in advance.
  7. Hi, I currently have Onkyo NR609 driving 2 fronts - RP280fs and 1 center speaker - 450c. I really like our system so far but not sure if Onkyo Nr 609 is good enough for my speakers. 1. Considering upgrade to either Denon X4300h or Onkyo RZ810/RZ800. Does anyone have any feedback which one will be better? Our usage is 60 % music and 40 % movies. 2. Anyone compared Onkyo NR series with RZ series receivers and has any feedback on audio quality/clarity differences between them? Any pointers much appreciated.
  8. I'm looking to build a home theatre set up at my new house in a room which is 20' by 29' (Yup, quite a large room) in dimensions, to be used as a living room. You can assume the space used for the System will be 3/4th of that. Right now I am looking at a 7.1.2 configuration with 2x RP-260Fs as front L/R, 1x RP-440C as centre 4x RP-240S' for surround, 1x R-112SW subwoofer, and 2x R-1800-C as ceiling speakers powered by a Denon X-4300H Would this configuration suffice for the room, or would it be too underpowered? I was also given the option of the RP280Fs, RP-150S, RP-450C with R-115SW, but this seemed a bit pricey for my liking. Also wanted to know if upgrading the subwoofer from 112 to a 115 is recommended. Please give do give your suggestions.
  9. Hello all, I will be purchasing a Home Theatre Speaker System with the following 2 x RP-280F - Front L/R 1 x RP-450C - Center 4 x RP-250S - Surrounds 1 x R-115SW - Sub 2 x R-1800C - Ceiling Now I have to decide the AVR for this system, Which Receiver would be ideal for my theatre system and why? I was thinking about the Denon X4300H, and the Marantz SR6011 as the cheaper option.Would the Marantz SR6011 be sufficient or is it necessary to shell out a bit more for the Denon X4300H? Are there any other more ideal Receivers for this system? Please do freely suggest. Thanks @MetropolisLakeOutfitters @derrickdj1 @K5SS @RoboKlipsch
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