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Found 10 results

  1. Having lots of trouble setting up two RW-1s to operate as left and right rear channels with an RSB-14 sound bar. I believe my wireless router is not the problem...it is a dual band AT&T wireless. I get beeps from the speakers (RW-1s) but not music. It seems that the RW's may not be linked to the RSB-14 sound bar. I can see the speakers on another computer listed as Play-Fi devices with long numbers (haven't gotten to the point of renaming). I thought I saw three Play-Fi2 devices, but now only two. Does the sound bar also transmit? Should there be three? The sound bar and rear spkrs are in a relatively small room together. There was also a second wireless router in there too, but it has now been disconnected. Maybe some conflict between the routers before...I don't know. Spent an hour and a half on the phone with Klipsch Customer Service. I was disappointed that he didn't seem too well versed in iphone...but only Android setup screens on the phone. Not that I am either, but I am not Customer Service. Looks like you would need to know both flavors to do that. Question: I am guessing that the RW-1 app for upgrading the firmware in the RW-1s will only download to a smart phone (either iphone or Android) so as to protect the program from unauthorized downloads?? I was trying to use a Mac book to download and remotely run the update in firmware, but it looks like it must be a phone? I have done the firmware revision on the sound bar, but not the rear spkrs. I have a little logistics problem with being able to get to the speakers so I was trying to do it remotely from another room in range. I guess the problem is just the fact that I have not gotten the RW-1s firmware updated. Any thoughts?? Is this the right sub forum for RW-1? Didn't find any reference with search.
  2. I was going to update the firmware on my RSB 14 which I've only had a few months. So I downloaded the zip file, expanded it and put the two files on an empty 8GB flash drive from my mac. I followed the instructions of unplugging the unit, inserting the flash drive and holding the volume up button while plugging the power cord back in. But Dolby light never came on. I waited several minutes. So i released the volume up button and unplugged the unit, removed the flash drive. I confirmed i had the files on the drive, and I tried again. Still not dolby light. So i figured i would do it later after checking the forums and looking up some trouble shooting stuff. But now the unit will not work at all. I hook the power up the blue tooth and digital indicator light come on and stay on, but it is not giving any sound from my Apple TV, which i have hooked up via optical, i can not pair with my phone via blue tooth and it will not respond to it;s remote or the Universal remote i had programmed and had been using with it.
  3. Hello, I have seen quite a few people post this issue but have seen no one respond about the issue to get fixed I own the rsb-14 soundbar with sub. There is a constant static noise, hissing sound coming from the 2 outside speakers of the bar. I contacted the dealer and got a new replacement soundbar. Yet still the issue persists?? Any reasons as to why? It happens through the optical and the hdmi-arc input. And the power source in plugged into monster power, power source.
  4. Just picked up a RSB-14 and 2 minutes after powering up the sound bar, I hear a constant hum or static sound. Very noticeable when I mute it. I have reset it, tried every input. Changed HDMI cable. Tried a different wall power outlet. Makes no difference. I assume this is not normal and wondering if anyone else has experienced this. I have attached a sound file (.m4a) if interested in hearing it. Any suggestions, besides returning it? Thanks in advance. Klipsch RSB-14 humming (22JUN18).m4a
  5. Hi Anyone else got much higher and better sound from music, rather than media? Such as bluray and Netflix? Ive setup the soundbar witch ARC to my apple tv4k. Im using the RSB-14 like a reciver. Everything connected with HDMI Bluray and Netflix sounds really low, compared to Spotify streaming thru the Klipsch stream. Is there som settings that I might have missed? Anyone else got this "problem" ?
  6. I bought an RSB-14 Soundbar tonight and got it home and did the initial set up. Everything went fine, and then I was promoted to do some updates. I did, including the firmware update, and now my system won’t recognize my Apple 4K. Can anyone help? I’m getting pretty frustrated and really don’t want to wait until Monday morning when tech support opens up again.
  7. I have a rsb-14 with that little 8" sub, (WI-FI), Not quite enough sub for me, but dont want to go all out on stereo stuff, just lookin to add 1 bigger better sub OR 1 more 8" sub exactly like the one that came with the rsb-14, any thoughts or advice from ya'all out there, thx in advance.
  8. KevinM


    Kinda thinkin maybe I can pair a 2nd 8" sub from anothe rsb-14 so I have 2 subs workin together, paired through wi-fi, soooo lookin for a 8" sub from the rsb-14, dont need the sound bar tho.
  9. Hi Everyone.. is there anyone familiar with setting up the RSB-14 to use Apple Airplay. The soundbar is connected to my home wifi, and I can stream music via my Apple TV to the HDMI of the soundbar - with no problem. However, I'm not able to: 1) Stream from my iPhone's Apple music app, the Airplay icon won't show 2) Stream from my iPhone's Play-fi app choosing songs from my Apple music library - Error starting playback. Has anyone come across this? Thanks much, Goeppche
  10. Installed RSB-14 soundbar and connected it to a Sony Bravia TV using both the HDMI/ARC and optical audio cables. Hooked up my PS3 to a HDMI connection on the TV, assuming the video would play on the TV and the audio would play thru the soundbar. Yeah, I know what happens when assumptions are made, thank you. When I use the PS3 to access Amazon video and play a movie, the music from the movie plays clear and loud but the spoken dialog is barely audible. If the volume is turned up loud enough to hear the dialog, the music is so loud I won't be able to live in this neighborhood much longer. My next assumption is that I have messed something up in the connections and would welcome any suggestions on how to get all the sound coming to the soundbar. Thanks in advance.
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