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Found 6 results

  1. I was wondering which speaker system is the better overall setup for casual music listening and the occasional college party. Thanks for the help guys if you could compare the two of them it would be great as they are similar price range speaker systems.
  2. Hi guys, I have a question and hope someone can help me with my problem. First of all i have to say sorry if my english sounds a bit strange, cause I'm not a native speaker! My problem is the following: I upgraded my audio system with two Klipsch floorstanding speaker (RP280F) which I have connected to a Denon AVR (X2500H). I also bought a Klipsch The Three speaker. Both speakers are absolutly mindblowing, but I have some trouble playing the same music on both speakers simultaneously. Is there at least a way to do this? For example, could I use the Klipsch "The Gate" and plug it into my AVR at the "Zone2" channels to stream the music per WLAN to the Klipsch "The Three" speaker? I would be very grateful for any ideas or suggestions!
  3. Hello everyone! Been a Klipsch user for many years (two K-Horns), but this is my first forum post. I just got The Three and two Gates. I would like to connect to "The Three" via Bluetooth to play music and have that stream to the "Gates" so it can be played throughout the house. I managed to get it so that if I play music on the Gate, I can stream to The Three, but not the other way around. Is this possible? I ask because my only Bluetooth receiver in the system is "The Three". I would think that since the Gate has inputs and outputs, it was designed for multi-purpose. Anyone have any ideas on how I can play BT connected music to The Three and have it send it to the "Gate"? Need more info or a diagram? I would be happy to oblige. :)
  4. I just purchased the three and was excited about their play-fi option to bring in multiple devices because I’m planning on building a bookshelf system in my kitchen that I want to link to it in another room. I figured I’d just get the power gate as an amp but the reviews are horrible. Then I thought I’d get the gate and hook it up to a regular amp. Also horrible reviews. Finally I figured I’d just get the sixes, but they are Bluetooth only? Why would the “one” be Bluetooth only, the three have WiFi and Bluetooth, then “the sixes” be back to just Bluetooth?! im thinking about literally Hooking up a Bluesound or sonos attachment to my “three” and just skipping the “play-fi” thing altogether. has anyone been successful with multiroom play-fi using klipsch brand products?
  5. So I talked a buddy of mine into buying The Three as his wife has banned big old stereo equipment from her brand new living room. He and his old school stereo will be banished to a loft with the obligatory mega TV. His kids stream via Spotify, which the excellent review posted in the Klipsch Announcements forum advocated for use with The Three. My question is, it states in the review that additional The Three units can be placed throughout the house and linked together, can The Three also link with The One? Are there other Klipsch Wireless speakers that could be used in concert with The Three? Thanks in advance for any help, I am a bit out of my league with this whole new fangled contraption.
  6. Finally getting around after back surgery and getting (Mother's Day gift) "The Three" up and running. Darn thing will not power on! At least I don't think it is. There are no LEDs lit up, nothing audible with my ear up to the unit while rotating input selector and volume, etc. Not visible as a Wi-Fi device from the App. I measured 120VAC at the end of the power cord. Anyone have a clue? I have already had one return on this order; they sent The One instead of The Three! Rick
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