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EV Patrician IV

John Warren

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John Warren, I salute you, Sir! Have you any photos of the K-horn cabinet transitions over which we may salivate? Until you find them, I will be content with the lady who brings back so many images of forty years of research into times beyond.

There is a grace and culture you bring to this board beyond what you may realize... but I think not!

With 6.1 Mozart in the background, I thank you for reminding us of the genius that has been... and giving us strength to reach beyond the mediocrity of the moment and influence the next generation. HornEd

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HornEd-Thank you, I'm glad to know that I'm not the only admirer of these old designs. If you would like a copy of the plans and step-by-step directions for building the Patrician IV send me a private email with a mailing address. Even if you do not intend to build them, it makes for great reading. It would be my pleasure to send them to you.

Mike S-

The painting is by John Waterhouse and is entitled

"The Lady of Shalott" from the Tenneyson Poem by the same name. Painting is very famous. Your also

quite perceptive, she is very sad but not because her blanket (really the "tapestry of her life") is wet, but because she's cursed, she dies in the boat.

This message has been edited by John Warren on 02-10-2002 at 08:09 PM

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That picture gave me a vague feeling of a song by Loreena McKennitt. It turns out I thought of the name just before I read John's last reply; "The Lady of Shalott"! I guess the painter did his job.


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I want a pair of Patrician IV's BAAAD. I'd gladly compromise floor real-estate for a pair of those puppies! Best of all, I live alone so know WAF to speak of :D LOL. One problem- $$$$. LOL (don't we all have that one some time or another)




1981 Cornwall I's

Yamaha DSP-A1000 integrated amp

Acoustic Research AR3A's for Pro-Logic rears

(Music only setup)

Marantz CD Player

Yamaha Turntable with Stanton EE Cartridge

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John Warren, I cut my audio teeth on the "pre-stereo" behemoths of the early '50's. I have great respect for what audio engineers can do with speaker dynamics... but also, as a retired business person, realize that speakers have to come off a production line with a significantly positive bottom line when tested by the marketplace.

There is an inherent poetry... a blend of esoteric math, the aroma of exotic woods and acoustic alchemy... that makes reading about (and building) uncompromised classic designs an adventure in fulfillment.

I am in-and-out-of-pocket these days but will get my address to you via email. Thank you so much for the most appreciated opportunity. HornEd

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