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Bad Sub?


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Hey guys,

Ive had my set for about 4 weeks now. I love them, the sound is incredible, but this week my roomate has been out, and i have had a chance to really test out the bass. Here is my concern, when I wanna feel the thump, I dont? I mean, I can hear the bass, but my friends cambridge soundworks with a 6.5 inch sub seems to shake the room more. Im not trying to bash klipsch, trust me, ive been a klipsch fan ever since we bought them for our home stereo, and they are amazing, im just concerned there is something wrong with my sub. I barley blast it, so it wasnt the sub limiter, and i doubt its damaged. Everything is wired fine, i triple checked it. Im running win98 with a soundblaster live card. I cant seem to figure out what he problem is, i live in a room that has concrete walls, and a vinyl tile floor, they call it a dorm room, I call it a high-rent prison. I have tried many sub positions, the best I could do is directly under my computer desk, where my feet would go. The sub is centralized in there, the wires face left, the port face right. The port is about 4 inches from the side of the desk, and i shoved some rolled up towels behind the desk (to stop vibration). Again, I can hear bass.. but I cant feel it. And if I turn it up (not all the way, but.. maybe 2 o clock).. (all settings default on the computer).. the volume on the computer at around 55-60%.. if i blast it.. I can hear the sat's distorting.. as if the 3 inch drivers are trying to produce the bass? I cant figure out whats wrong, any ideas?


Impala SS

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First, have you tried to position the sub so that the port hole is facing a corner? Place it just a few inches away. That way the drivers will have two walls to project bass onto. In many situations, this is one of the strongest positions. To really test the bass, get a song with incredibly strong bass (Rap works well for this, off the top of my head Wu Tang - CREAM has one of the strongest bass lines I've heard. If rap is not your cup of tea then get on napster and download THX - I love big speakers or THX bass test or something similar, it has been renamed a bunch of times.), play it and in your EQ settings in winamp turn the first two bars all the way up and take all of the other ones down as low as they go. Turn your subwoofer knob up and bring the Main volume up as well. If you can't feel it at all then, experiment some more and if you truly think your sub is at fault then give customer support a call. Then again you may be just raising your expectations too high, but not feeling any bass at all is a bit odd. As for the distortion on the sats, at the highest volume settings this can happen, however most people never need to take it that high unless they like losing their sense of hearing wink.gif Good luck


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Chances are that the two of you may have different settings for your volumes and EQ also, placement does imact the sound a lot.

Your settings are probably just not set for max performance.


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Some soundcards just don't have the juice to drive the pros as they should be. That's the way analog is.

You can check this out using different sources, a walkman, boombox, stereo headphone jacks on a receiver with volume control, etc...

Is the Altec system one of those with the digital inputs? I had a set of the ADA106, and the difference between the analog inputs and the s/pdif input was amazing.

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The main culprit is probably the room. My room doesn't "boom" at all with the promedias, but when I take them to my friend's house, they rock his room. Try putting them in another room, or someplace where there isn't many reflective surfaces(ie hard wood floors).

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You may also try turning the sub's hole toward the wall (leave it a few inches off because I am not sure what making it flush to it would do, but probably nothing good)... I noticed quite the difference, especially since it is facing a corner and the 2 6.5s have the walls to bounce their sound off of... Just a suggestion

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