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Listing to Marvin Gaye on the new Heresy II's

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All I have to say is wow!! what a difference then my other speakers, so clear on my 2 watt SET amp I can't turn it up to loud (my daughters in bed)

I have to questions for you guys. My cousin a fellow audiophile said that I should raise the speakers about 6 inches off the ground to achive better bass and raise the sound feild up to ear level. Now would this be good or should I make the angled stands like on the III's, which would be better?

Second question how can I find the date of production for my speakers?

How can I insert some pics for you guys?


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In spite of their relatively small size, Heresy speakers are floor-standing speakers and should be either on the floor or on the angled stands. You could certainly try them off the floor, but the bass is likely to be reduced.

The letter in the serial number will give you the date of manufacture. You can check it here:


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My cousin a fellow audiophile said that I should raise the speakers about 6 inches off the ground to achive better bass

[bs].....Sorry couldn't help it, but it's [bs]...[:$]

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BS or not, my advice, fwiw, is to try it. I put Heresy II's on stands which were a little less

than the 6" of the floor that was recommended to you. Initial impressions were less bass, but, sometimes

less boomy bass. It was a compromise, but overall i liked it and kept them on stands.

I see a lot of questions on the forum, which to simplfy, say, should i try this? My answer, is hell yes,

try it and see how it sounds to you (in your listening area).

In my meager experience, the two biggest variables to obtaining fidelity is your speakers and your room.

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I had Heresys for 25 years, great speakers, used with SETs they are very good.

Compared to the rest of the Heritage, the Heresys have an additional 3dB in the high end, which I have always thought was to compensate for their lower elevation of the mid horn and tweeter when placed on the floor - where they should be for most low end response.

In the corners on the floor, tilting them back may project the high end more directly into the room at listening elevation.

Setting them up from the floor does change their character a bit making more of the mids and highs, and this can sound good, but to preseve the bass the stands need to be in the corners as much as possible.

Ultimately it depends on the room. In an ideal room they can be on the floor and pushed all the way back into the corners with a couple of inches of tilt back and they will sound great with remarkable bass. Problem rooms with boomy bass may be addressed by pulling the speakers a little into the room, really just have to experiment. Since they are light, it really helps to have another person make the adjustments on position and placement while you listen.

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