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Klipsch Logo - Wood Sign


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Wow fast shipping. Mine was waiting for me when I got home after a 14 hour day. Did not have time to hang it and photograph it, but I will get you a pic or two this weekend I hope, Amy.

Smells like it was fresh off the assembly line.[H]

One questions to the rest of you. At about the "4 o'clock" position on the S mine is a bit off. Sort of cut up and into the s with the black paint making a small blob. Not enough to detract from the beauty...just had me wondering if these were hand made or cut on some sort of a machine like a CNC. If they were had made the accuracy is pretty impressive. If they are machine made I would guess they are all this way. Perhaps it was just a chip in the MDF.

The keyhole hange on the back is a "top notch", well, notch. Perfect I am guessing for one a one screw and done job. Sort of like all you old farts around here with your wives.[6] Didn't GaryMD just have a brithday? <ducking>

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