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Is Denon 3802 hi current watts ??????????????


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"110 watts per channel (8 ohms, 20 Hz-20 kHz, <.05%THD) 150 watts per channel (6 ohms, 1 kHz, <.7%THD)"

This is from the Denon site. The first part of the statement sounds most of the way there; I would be more comfortable if it included the statement "all channels driven".

The second part of the statement is the politically correct cop out in my opinion using just a 1 khz signal.

My beastie power amp is a 75 pound Sherwood Newcastle AM-9080.

It is described as 120 watts per channel, all channels driven 8 ohms from 20 hz to 20khz at less than 0.05 THD.

170 watts per channel, all channels driven 4 ohms from 20 hz to 20khz at less than 0.09 THD.

The "1 khz signal" or "one chnnel driven" references make me a bit suspicious of marketing hype.

I do not think it is a bad unit, I have 2 Denon 2 channel integrated amps in the house I like very much. 3802 tries to do everything; you have to be comfortable defining its liabilities whether they are related to power or other perormance isues.

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ttk... where?

we can find the ratings, as were posted above, but nothing more, really. unless i've missed something, Denon really doesn't give us anything more about their receivers' amps...


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I doubt very much the Denon 3802 has a "high current" amp.It can drive Klipsch speakers with no problem(Klipsch are easy loads and a joy for the average schmoe reciever).

From the specs and the amp capability to drive speakers I would say...NOT

The 380x(1 and 2)amp section is of good quality,the transformer is quite large(~700VA)with two mid sized caps and a nice output section cooled by a aluminium heatsink tunel(a fan helps airflow at high output).

Now a bit,just a bit off topic...

Even the "high current" recievers like the H/K eat dust when compared to dedicated power amps. Smile.gif

My ATI 1505 takes the H/K 8000 reciever amp section to school,and both have similar specs at 8 Ohms,at 4 Ohms the 1505 leaves the H/K 8000 amp behind.Want true load(in any way you see fit) hauling amp...Krell. Smile.gif

At nearly 700lbs and 16000 Watts into 0.5 Ohm the Krell MRA is THE true blue High Current GOD amp.One channel siree,yes almost 700lbs for a monoblock!I wish I could buy even one of these... Frown.gif

TheEAR(s) Now theears

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If you will look hard enough on the Denon web site you will find your answer.No need for me to put my spin on it here.

Do you think that since HK has used the 'high currrent' moniker for advertising puposes for years that they somehow have the market cornered on 'high current'?


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think of high current in this way:

a river running in wattage and current to power a turbine. The wattage will determine how fast the river runs while the currnet determins how deep the river is. Yes you need both to make it work although if the river is deeper it can carry more water thus generating more energy to turn the turbine . (I hope that explanation made sence).

Its nice to have both. If H/K receivers could put more wattage in their amps. They would be the king of a/v receivers. But then you would spend more yes much more than $800.

Another thing to consider, an amp that runs in high current will sound better at high volumes. On the flip side, an amp with low current but high wattage will distort much faster at higher volumes. This is really were a high current amp workes well. I can turn my H/K AVR65 3/4's of the way to maximum output and have abseloutly no distortion.

The Denon's and Yamahas will give you more extras for your money and still sound good. The H/K will give you a better amp and sound better.

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I've got a Denon 3801... It is heaven hooked up to my Klispch RF-3s,RS-3s,RC-3 and RSW-15. The Denon 3802 has an additional function that I don't, but I don't know if I can tell the diference. I did the HK and the Onkyo research (even Yamaha); I am absolutely satisfied with my Denon. My neighbors 2 blocks away are not.

Best Regards,


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high current's great for low volumes too (if u ever go there Smile.gif). still get good bass punch without having to turn up the overall volume.

a good indicator is to compare the wattage at 8 ohms vs. lower impedance. f.e., if it does 200W at 8 ohms &

400W at 4 ohms then that should imply a pretty high current amp.

of course you have to beware the standards used, like whether all channels driven or throughout the freq spectrum (like 5 or 20hz to 20khz). many fudge w/ the freq range. even my b&k 7270 i think uses the 1khz rating (japanese style).


My Home Systems Page

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If you start comparing H/K with Krell,Pass or Levinson it starts looking like a 100lbs weakling compared to a super heavyweight lifter.

The H/K high current is a joke when compared to true high current heavyweight amps.

For me no reciever will do,recievers amps are limited and dont compare to real powerful separates.Even in my Denon 5800 I dont use the amp section LOL

TheEAR(s) Now theears

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Buy used.

Never be in a rush, hold out and pay attention for the right deal.

I picked up a pair of Chorus II's and a Yamaha MX-1 amp and CX-1 pre-amp this way.

The Chorus's were $270 for the pair.

(Though I did dump another $250 in a crossover upgrade, and a replacement diaphragm for $20?)

The amp and pre were $50 each.

This is a $1200 amp, and $800 pre, new.

These units are clean, very little dust if any when I opened them.

The deals are out there, just have some cash in the bank and kick back and let things happen.

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thats right mike. I finally finished putting together my home theater setup. It took me over 3 years to find what I was looking for whether it was in the local paper or ebay. If you wait eventually you will find it.

I bought my H/K receiver from my local paper. The guy wanted $700 for it. It retailed for $1200. I paid $280 after the add expired and I guess he got desperate. hehehehe

Another thing is no matter how crazy the deal might sound to your advantage it cant hurt to ask. You just never know what people might do to get rid of something after they have no interest in it anymore.

I only paid $250 for my KG 5.2's in mint condition off ebay. I guess the high bidder backed out at $500 I told the seller to keep me in mind just incase the deal fell threw...hehehe...be patient you will always come out on top!!

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