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Cornwalls & Legends

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I recently read the pawn shop finds in another thread on a great deal for Cornwalls. I was wondering why someone chooses Cornwalls over Legends? The Cornwall only has 1 sub, 1 mid, & 1 tweeter, while the Legends have 2 subs built in.

I know you are all going to tell me it's personal preference and sound is different to everybody, but can anyone give me another reason why they'd choose Cornwalls over Legends (say KLF 30's)? I'm strictly talking sound wise and nothing about size and room for speakers in the house.

Just curious. I love my Legends, and I wonder what all your Cornwalls, and La Scalas, and Heritages sound like. I guess there really is no best right? Different lines of Klipsch's just keep coming out over the years. Great sound is in the ear of the beholder I guess you could say. Let me know your thoughts.

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User, I have a pair of KLF30's and a pair of 87' Cornwall II's. I find the CW's have a more laid back and deeper sound than the KLF's. Don't get me wrong. The KLF's are no slouch, but the smoothness between woof-mid-treble of the CW's can't be matched. When (they) say the KLF's are a great rock and roll speaker, believe it. The KLF's remind me of the concerts I attended as a youngster. (KISS in '78. WOW) Lots of sound and you can hear a cymbal from a mile away. The CW's are more agreeable to my ears. Ears do vary and someone else may like the KLF's more.

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Neither Cornwall nor KLF-30 has "Subs". A sub, or properly, a subwoofer is a seperate, specialized speaker that handles very low frequencies, say below 60 Hz. The Cornwall and KLF-30 have "woofers". In both cases the woofers cover the range from about 30 Hz to about 700 Hz.

The KLF-30s have 2 woofers for increased efficiency in a smaller cabinet than the Cornwall. The Cornwall has a 15" woofer in a large cabinet to achieve essentially the same efficiency, 99 dB/watt/meter.


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I agree with Flason! And, of course, John Albright is spot on, as usual, on the tech side of the matter.

I have an HT set up with eight Legends and a pair of stacked ultras that create a feeling of being there and beyond! They were assembled for HT... but do a great job on 5.1 recreating a music concert experience from DVD's. Definitely a system that will get you to sit up and take notice!

The vintage Cornwalls are reserved for that "laid back get into the music and savor each note" kinda thing. The Cornwalls were a way to have a near K-horn experience while K-horns are so hard to find in this neck of the aural woods.

Where the KLF-30's ROCK cwm9.gif ... the Cornwalls ROLLcwm12.gif ... it's like riding a long, long wave through crashing surf... and sailing the deep blue sea in all kinds of weather.

When it's time to face the music... it's nice to have horns of choice. cwm32.gif HornEd




KLF 30's: Left Main, Center Main, Right Main

KLF C7's: L & R Front Effects on 5' sand filled columns


KLF 30's: Left Surround, Rear Effects, Right Surround


Twin SVS CS-Ultra SubTower, Samson Megawatt Amp


Bass friendly, oversized, glove-leather LazyBoy Recliners

Mitsubishi RPHD1080i 65", Yamaha RX-V3000 Receiver

Toshiba Pro Scan 6200, Toshiba Pro 6-head SVHS W808

in search of the Eternal Tweak!

Music Respite Room: Vintage Cornwall's in Transition

Klipsched Class "A" Motorhome: On the road testing

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