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I just picked up Two JL f113's


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Bill H,

Thanks, I was bored at work..well during my few minutes of free time so I had to take a peak on my forum. [:P] To see just how far the zealots with the Green Cricket at the helm are profanating the altar of GeeL Audio. Actually I moved to better things myself like the Paradigm Signature SUB 1 I will get a hold of and the dozen TCSounds DIY's.

Anyway ,good to see you people are still doing good and participate.

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You bet,and detailed pics.The Paradigm Signature Sub1 is like a Klipsch Reference RT12d on steroids with no PR's. SIX active drivers on three sides( a la Martin Logan Descent).Around 300lbs,the unit should be out in October..I will bug the dealer and Paradigm every day to get one ASAP.

Man this hobby will ruin me(and my back)lifting some of the gear starts to get dangerous.

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Congrats on the subs, but what a bummer on the damaged one. If it were

me, I'd still try and get a 2nd JL as one is definitely not going to

produce the same volume as an RT-12D. Not really a good comparison IMO

since you got one sealed woof versus ported woof...You also have to give time to let the subs break in as well as be willing to take the time to mess around with placement...

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