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Sneak Peek- 210hz mid tractrix oak horns- New pics 1-16


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Oh yea I see those poster's in the back round, some pink floyd and Zepplin, pretty cool stuff. Is that down in the basement?

Yeah Matt, that's my Man Cave. Too bad the builder's in FLA can't figure out how to dig 'em. Then you can put your stereo right underneath the bedroom where your wife's trying to sleep! If I keep it up, those big horns might become flower pots in the front yard next spring. It's 18 degrees outside right now, so I'm safe for a couple of months.
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Kevin I have a line on another pair of Heresy's. Give me a call when you get a chance. I sent you an email also in reference to the cabinets. I have several pair coming down from the Pittsburgh area within the next couple of weeks. I will consider a trade on a pair, or I will give a good price on them. Your vinyl is boxed up and ready for shipping, it will most likely ship Saturday morning. Have a safe New Year talk to you later.

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Looking better all the time.

What sort of wood did you use for the curved sides?


I use door skin lauan. It bends as easy as bendable lauan for one fourth the price. Don't tell anyone my secret, OK?
Tee hee hee.

How thick and is it still laminated?

I looked at some luan plywood at my local Lowes and it was too stiff to bend very well.


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It's about 3/32 thick, 3 ply like the bendable luan. It also comes in oak (that's what I used on my 210hz mid horns). You have to go to a "real" lumber yard to find the thin stuff. Lowes and Home Depot don't sell the specialty items like this.

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