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Broke my heritage cherry :-)


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Yeah, especially the part about holding all his tools. A pocket for the tape measure, a pocket for the pencil...

et cetera...

A pocket for the pocket? In Canadian French, the word "poche" has several meanings: pocket, duffel bag, yer sack. Lots of puns and double entendres possible. Put it in your poche, lift up your poche so it doesn't drag on the floor, etc., etc.

From About.Com: "Expression: C'est dans la poche

Pronunciation: [say da(n) la puhsh]

Meaning: it's in the bag, a sure thing, a done deal

Literal translation: it's in the pocket

Register: informal

Notes: I like the French expression c'est dans la poche better than its English equivalent "it's in the bag." It seems to me that something in your pocket is more "owned" than something in a bag, and since it's also closer to you it's harder to take away.


Je sais qu'il va gagner - c'est dans la poche !
I know he's going to win - it's in the bag!

- Tu n'as pas encore fait tes achats de Noël ?
- Non, mais Michel va m'aider. C'est dans la poche !
- You haven't done your Christmas shopping yet?
- No, but Michel is going to help me. It's a done deal!"
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