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Axz Hout

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I think you have the early t35b, if it doesn't have 4 mounting holes then it's the early one. I have seen the specs on the early one and if I remember right they are similar.

If you referring to the midrange horn with no mounting holes in it that uses mounting brackets I have one available along with some other spare parts as I am restoring

4 "Aristocrats" myself.

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5 minutes ago, mach-1 said:


Yes it a one piece factory unit.  Front view,  3 way.


Please pardon me for being dense.  This has two T35s, one for  tweeter and the other for the squawker?


" . . . will the T35 size driver still go down to 800 cps?"


Did you get an answer to this?  I wonder the same thing,

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In the mid-70s I assembled a pair of Speakerlab 7s with that EV 8HD horn and Atlas  PD5 drivers.  Through those, my audio friend, Johnny Johnson, introduced me to Jazz and R&B beyond the mainstream pop/rock I knew at the time.


They were just the powerful dynamic horn sound Johnny craved, but on a beer budget.



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