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Heresy in the house


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This has got to stop(my wife speaking.)

Wife sent me out on a chore this morning with the son. Decided to stop at the music store on the way home and what do I run into? A beautiful, matched, birch set of Heresy's. Curiosity got me so I decided to listen to them. Shazaam. After demoing come Titanic soundtracks, Poe, and 1 Santana song - black magic women (actually first 30 seconds of it), I bought them. The guitar, cymbals and those congos simply blew me away.

The deal was too good, unbelievably good, that even though I currently have no amplifier to power them, they had to be mine. My son, bless his heart, said we have to get these (right after listening to 30 seconds of Santana), after initially thinking they would suck just because they were small - he then suggested an appropriate embellishment to circumvent the wrath of mom.

She is pissed. I have Heresys. Klipsch should be responsible for my divorce attorney.


Fronts - KSP 400's

Center - C6

Surrounds - S6's

Two channel - KG4's

Sub - KSW200

Powered by - YAM995

The move to separates is coming, I can feel it.

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with the KG's still in the house it looks like you were due for an upgrade anyway

she'll get over it -- mine always doescwm35.gif



Cary AE-25 Super Amp

Sonic Frontiers Line 1

Sony SCD-C555ES

Marantz DV-7010

Klipsch RF7's

Klipsch LF-10


Toshiba 36"f>s>

Inside every small problem is a large problem struggling to get outf>s>c>-- 2nd Law of Blissful Ignorancef>s>c>

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