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Heresy II refurb and upgrade to HIII


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I got some worn out 1986 Heresy cabinets for free + shipping from a forum member. Lots of dings, dents, and loose veneer... I have never done any veneer work so I was unsure how this would turn out.

(Note the foam rubber that came as seen in the picture)


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Skipping ahead a little... I removed the loose veneer and replaced with the iron on preglued stuff I found at Lowes. I was a little afraid of this being a problem with using HeatLock glue for the final veneer... it worked out fine.

Corners and edges are nice and sharp!


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I got a little aggressive with the 80 grit and went through the veneer on top. I had to replace more veneer but it came out nice and flush with the help of the Bondo for wood epoxy.

Note my addition of a little bracing in the cabinet above the woofer. If you look real close you will see my gorilla glue debacle on the inside bracing. I had never used it before and didn't realize it would expand and foam up like that. It sticks pretty good, though. It is a bear to cut out the excess. I just wanted to fill in the little cracks and spaces between the bracing and sides. Perhaps I should have just used a little yellow wood glue.


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I painted the back and motorboard before doing the veneer work. I know that I will overspray some and I don't want to get it on the new veneer. I used that Rust Oleum Universal stuff in the fancy can... I tested on cardboard and it was fine at first but then started sputtering and when I looked at my hand I saw that it was dripping like crazy from the trigger. What a mess! I got that cleaned up and finished with 4 coats of Deft Semi Gloss Spray finish.


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Using HeatLock... roll a coat on the back of the veneer (BACK of the veneer... not front! I almost did the front of one) and a coat on the cabinet. See that I have some risers from Crites that I am going to veneer as well.


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Looks like the patch is going to sand out OK. I'm still going to see this repair and I'd like to try it again with another patch but I am afraid I will make it worse. There is a tiny low spot so I'm thinking I will match a little fill to the final finish and not add until I have applied some Watco Danish Oil.


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This is as far as I've gotten to date...

Ready for a final sanding and finish. I'm testing Watco Danish oil on some scraps of walnut veneer. The black walnut veneer is really gray before applying the Watco natural (clear)... once applied it is brown... a little too brown. I'm also testing Watco cherry on some scrap... not sure about this... maybe too red. My favorite sample so far has 2 coats of Watco natural followed by 1 coat of cherry. I'm going to give it more coats of natural and see how it looks.

any thoughts on finish?


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Very good job matching the grain on the panels. It's in the details. Too late for you now, but if you have a router and a flush trim bit with a bottom bearing, you can make quick work of trimming veneer, much better than what you used.

As for finish, I built some walnut Cornscalas a year and a half ago following this tutorial when it came to finish:


Stained first with Minwax Gunstock, a wipe on and wipe off, followed right away with a wipe on and wipe off of a 70-30 mix of Minwax Gunstock and Special Walnut,. Followed that with Watco Walnut oil. I'm sure if you ping him, Marshall (Groomlakearea51) will guide you through it, he has a wealth of knowledge which he is willing to share. Practice on scraps to find what you want, and take note so you can reproduce it.


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