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  1. If memory serves me correctly, 1600 is the crossover frequency.
  2. They do look interesting, curious to know if you have seen or used them yet and what you think? As you can see, I've done almost the same thing as what you are doing. Shoot, we even have the same counter. http://community.klipsch.com/forums/storage/6/1307534/DSCN1288.JPG
  3. rll


    Beenie and Sam, my Christmas present from my wife a year ago. He's a real character.
  4. rll


    Beenie, who we've had for almost eight years.
  5. rll


    My best buddy Andy, who we suddenly lost almost a year ago. He was a great cat, very gentle soul. Believe he had a lot of Norwegian Forest Cat in him. He loved people.
  6. Bob and Michael Crites have many friends here. This morning I was poking around their web site when I saw they lost Casey, their friend and company dog, this past Wednesday. Having lost my good buddy Andy, a Marmalade Norwegian Forest Cat in November, I know how much it hurts, and I'm sure many of you do too. I still get teary thinking about him. But it also helped hearing from friends, so I'd like to pass on to Bob and Michael my sincerest sympathies. I'm sure Casey had a wonderful life. Randy
  7. I experimented some with that trimmer and was afraid of doing just what you did, so I took the plunge and bought a router (rather than continuing to borrow my neighbor's). It's come in handy for some other things, and is fun to learn how to use and the things it can do. Early in his Cornwall thread, Marshall walks through his process for the patch. Granted, his patch was to the substrate, but it may provide some ideas. Other than that, I do not have enough experience. I'm afraid I don't have enough experience finishing to provide any more than general advice. There are so many variables, so continue to take your time and practice to find what you are looking for. Regarding your concern that stain might make the finish too dark - you can control the darkness or depth to a great extent with the amout of time you leave each wipe on the surface before wiping off. Many short intervals will allow you to slowly build it to what you desire. Remember this, once you've finished staining, it does little good to go back later and add more, once it dries, the pores of the wood won't accept more stain. So if you decide to stain, set aside plenty of time for howver many coats/cycles of the wipe-on/wipe-off process may be needed. Randy
  8. Very good job matching the grain on the panels. It's in the details. Too late for you now, but if you have a router and a flush trim bit with a bottom bearing, you can make quick work of trimming veneer, much better than what you used. As for finish, I built some walnut Cornscalas a year and a half ago following this tutorial when it came to finish: http://forums.klipsch.com/forums/t/117315.aspx Stained first with Minwax Gunstock, a wipe on and wipe off, followed right away with a wipe on and wipe off of a 70-30 mix of Minwax Gunstock and Special Walnut,. Followed that with Watco Walnut oil. I'm sure if you ping him, Marshall (Groomlakearea51) will guide you through it, he has a wealth of knowledge which he is willing to share. Practice on scraps to find what you want, and take note so you can reproduce it. Randy
  9. I knew as I hovered the cursor over the link that this could be special, just from the title. I can't come up with the proper superlative. That is nothing short of astounding! Geez, I'd never come out of that room. My hat is off to you, sir, well done!
  10. I misunderstood your question altogether. I assumed you were asking about the Cornscala. Never mind....
  11. If I were to build those, and I really would like to (I have built a couple pairs of CS-2s), I'd start by studying this by forum member JW Cullison. He's still active, I believe, so can perhaps give you some guidance. http://forums.klipsch.com/forums/storage/4/1071530/cs4.pdf Have fun, and good luck! Be sure to post your progress. Randy
  12. Not the CT-125, but his titanium dome replacement diaphragms. See the bottom of this page: http://www.critesspeakers.com/klipsch_tweeters.html Randy
  13. If memory serves me, the crossover is 1600hz. I put a pair of Crites' titanium tweeters in mine, which should allay your fears about drivers on that end. As for the woofers and the passives, from time-to-time they show up on Ebay. Randy
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