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The Home Theater is in operation...Finaly!


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I actually started with black on the trim, but you couldn't see it on the black ceiling so I went with a flat white. There is no light reflection and when the lights go dim the white trim is unseen. Anyway, it worked out well, and thanks for the many nice compliments!

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Very very nice indeed! Oh for a truly dedicated HT room... I'm drooling. I'm painting and doing a little reconfiguring in my HT room, but can't go all-out as it is a multi-purpose room. It's funny how others think we are a little "touched" when it comes to our HT stuff, but feel just a little differently after they experience it. Enjoy!

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There's a closet to the left hand side of the chairs when looking at the screen. It's a standard 4' closet with no door. Inside is some media and a cheap a/v rack. All the wiring runs through the walls/ceiling and into the closet.

The screen is a 110" Jamestown: http://www.jamestownhometheaterscreen.com/110_screenDiagonal.html

As for paint, Brunt has a special blend...hit him up.

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Nice theater!! Good work. How are the bassshakers? Did you put one in every chair? Is the upgrade good?


I don't know if this question is directed at me, but I don't have bass shakers and don't plan on getting them. My two subs are more than capable of vibrating the chairs when at reference level (my preferred listening volume when possible). Once work slows down for me I will get some more pics up. I've done a few things since I initiated this thread.

Thanks for the compliments!

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