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    *** The Tsunami of Sound ***

    Klipsch Palladium P-39F - Espresso (FL+FR - Stereo)
    Klipsch RF-7 II - Black (FL+FR)
    Klipsch RF-7 II - Black (FWL+FWR)
    Klipsch RF-7 II - Black (RL+RR)
    Klipsch RC-64 II - Black
    Klipsch SW-311 (L+R)
    Klipsch R-115SW (L+R)

    *** The Soul Cleansing Sound from Klipsch ***

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  1. pite

    New Here

    A warm welcome to the Klipsch Forum! As you may have experienced already that community is quite experienced and brutally honest! Cheers !!
  2. that's crazy, nearly equal amount of money needed to be paid in customs...
  3. pite

    Calling Klipsch Nation

    done... have a Wonderful Holidays, Amy !!!
  4. lol Bill. Scrappy, it's a Bass Nirvana of .4 it's loads of bass fun !! Pite
  5. From picture quality (color/sharpness/brightness) aspect Samsung has some good LED TVs (7xxx series and above) and had some good deals... See if it fits your criteria...
  6. The new room-setup and thus the placement is the key. In my case, Audyssey did a trick.. Not sure, if you've a possibility to run something similar via Marantz or Pioneer.
  7. First Impressions: Monster copper woofers @ 15" and sounds big. At this point, I've now 4 subwoofers going in a 7.4 setup; 2 x SW-311 and 2 x R-115SW. I'm contemplating to take this setup through Audyssey, but it's not the final placement... Two SW-311 did generate enough bass to rattle windows and the floor, but I dare not turn the volume more than 50% with these beasts as it may blow off my windows !!! Cheers !!!
  8. pite

    What I Got Today!

    I know those SW-311's are not the end all for HT but how do they perform musically with the RF-7II's? I would not mind finding one of it's little brothers SW-308 for my computer rig. Bill Two of these perform quite well producing tight base notes together with RF-7 II, both during the movies and music. All six RF-7 II goes up to 40Hz and RC-64 II goes up to 60 Hz, while two subs produce LFE + Main. As I stated above, I went in with two step calibration process. 1st I carried out Audessey with marginal difference and next I carried out Klipsch Room Correction Calibration for each sub (mic were placed at two different positions for each sub) that lead to significant difference. After playing various material for 6-8 hours for couple of days, I've finally reduced volume from full 11db to 8dB on Klipsch subs as it's too much base, rattling-shaking windows of three rooms - The room they're placed into as well as my nook and library. I watched few movies with known base heavy passages and it definitely shakes the corner of the home and prorogates the low frequency wave through the floor. Issue: The only issue right now is that it wakes up for some reason while content is played with Left main and Right main signals. It stays on during 5.1/7.1 content and similarly it would be okay if it stayed on during 2.0 content instead of waking up in the middle, which causes a unwanted small pop. As soon as I get cables, I'll try out trigger inputs instead of LFE signal.
  9. pite

    What I Got Today!

    Forgot to mention that these two active 10" SW-311 subwoofers are competing against 12 passive RF-7 II 10" woofers
  10. I did audition them back in days. It'll be good for the price as long as you have space as both RF-63 and RF-83 are narrow body but run deep. Looks in decent condition. No affiliation. All the best to who ever scores it.
  11. pite

    What I Got Today!

    Added two SW-311... Basking in the glory of "base". Recalibrated Audyssey to include two subs - bit better Next performed Klipsch Microphone room correction calibration - lot better Not sue if corner placement is needed for these subs, as (1) don't have much choice for placement and (2) 14' wide front wall is kind of occupied (room size 14' x 21' x 9') Cheers !!!
  12. pite

    SW-110 Hum

    Yup! First thing would be to change the RCA cable with the best you can get as hum goes away when RCA cable input is disconnected. I repurposed one monster component cable and made three single coaxial cables out of it. Used two for subs and one for analog input
  13. That's awesome! Wish you many happy return of anniversaries
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