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The conversion from 5.1 to 7.1 begins.


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I need to learn how to post multi pics

Love the cherry finish reference. Congrats on the new purchase.

If you want to post multiple pics, you will need to first resize your images to around 700 pixels wide or less (or they will get cropped off). Then you will need to upload them to a file sharing site (photobucket.com, flickr.com, imageshack.com etc). They typically provide you with the URL for each image. Copy the URL for an image and in the Klipsch forums, click the Insert/Edit Image icon (green tree) and paste the URL for your first image. Then repeat the Insert/Edit image in the same post to add additional images. Just be sure not to add more than 10 or it will be viewed as spam and need to be moderated.

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So I received the first of 3 packages that I ordered last week (stands/wire management stuff, and speakers). These stands look and feel amazing can’t wait to get the speakers (rb-61ii). I would love some input on how far back I should put them. My surrounds are about 7’ away from the middle of the couch if that matters.

Nice going...When we ran 7.1 HT setup, they were 8' far from the listening position. Denon Audyssey XT took care of the rest.

Good luck in your set up... Enjoy!


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