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Klipsch RF5 and NAD T775HD Audyssey MultXT EQ problems


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I have had my Klipsch RF5, RC7, RS35 speakers for several years and they have been great. I used to have a HK AVR 745 that I calibrated using their proprietary EzSet/EQ with good results. However, I recently bought a NAD T775HD receiver and tried to do the Audyssey MultiEQ XT calibration. Once I do the settings, and look at the crossover results, I was completely surprised. It put my RC7 at 50Hz (which is fine). It put my surrounds at 60Hz (I would probably up it to 80Hz), but it put my RF5 towers at 200Hz. WTF. I tried it again and same result. I had it going between 160Hz and 250Hz. What is going on? For kicks, I replaced my RF5 with the cheap Insignia NS-B2111 bookshelf speakers and redid audyssey. It set the crossover at 60Hz. Wow. So, are my Klipsch doing something bad at the lower frequencies. Could it be a severe attenuation at some lower frequency that the NAD receiver sets that as the crossover? My room is 21x15.5 and my speakers are on the narrower side.

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It does sound like something funky is going on with the Audyssey and your RF-5's. I know the crossover setting is messed up but what does Audyssey have the volume on the RF-5's set at in reference to your center and surrounds? Try just manually setting the RF-5's to 50Hz or 60Hz and see what you get.

It put my surrounds at 60Hz (I would probably up it to 80Hz)

I have my RS-35's set at 80hz and it seems about perfect.

I have an older NAD receiver(T773) that is powerful and awesome sounding with my Klipsch Reference setup. If your T775HD has anything like the sound quality of my T773, when you do figure out the issue, you should be very pleased with the outcome.

I am right down the road from you (45+/- miles), neighbor.


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Yes be sure your speakers wire terminal straps are connected and that
all is fine with your RF-5's. I would manually set the RF-5's and RC-7 to 60hz and 80hz is probably pretty good for your surrounds.

What are your speaker levels being set to by Audyssey?

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