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AVR or Amp


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The RF 7's are moster speaker and can handle a lot of power. The Pioneer SC 57 is a top of the line avr that should drive them ok. Larger speakers are in general more efficient than smaller one;s, so you will get more volume and depth from them at a given power level. You paid good money for the SC 57, try without the amp first I have and Pioneer SC 35 and do not feel a need for an amp. I use my system mostly for moives and TV (90%) and music on the side.

Pioneer SC 35

Klipsch VF 35 main's

Klipsch VS 14 Front Height

Klipsch VC 25 center

Klipsch VS 14 surrounds

Klipsch VB 15 surround back

Klipsch SW

Samsung 51 in 3D TV

Samsung 3D BD

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I agree 100% when I ran the SC-57 with no amps it sounded great .

I was going to sell my XPA-2 & XPA-3 I really feel I didnt need them .

But the Hdmi 1-2-3 are dead on the SC-57 so its getting sent back .

Now Im thinking of just buying a SC-37 over the 57 what are you thoughts 37 vs 57

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Yeah I had a UMC-1 I sold it and the UMC 3d is the same unit with a 3D chip added

XMC who knows when that will come suppose to be by April 2012 I got 2 40% off cards

sitting here but to be honest I would probally never buy another processor from emotiva

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last i knew it was q4 for xmc but havent payed close attention, cant say im suprised if it did get pushed back to april

umc has been a bit disappointing in regards to the firmware feeling more like beta testing

should be safe to say you wont lose anything if you do decide to try out a xmc with that discount though

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to be honest I would probally never buy another processor from emotiva

Been debating between a Harman Kardon AVR 3600 and the UMC-1. It's comments like yours that make me super hesitant to try the UMC-1, even at $499 which is the same price as the HK AVR 3600. Would love to try it but skeptical. I'll shoot you a PM to ask a few questions about your experience with it so I don't hijack your thread. :)

If I were in your shoes, here is what I would do.

1) Wait until you get the receiver before doing anything.

2) Try the receiver out with your speakers and see how it sounds at low and at high volume. For HT and for 2ch.

3) Then add the XPA-3 to just the front three speakers and listen to the same demos.

4) Then add the XPA-2 to the front and the XPA-3 to the center and surrounds.

Here prediction is you will really like the added benefit of the XPA-3 on the front soundstage and running the surrounds off the receiver. I doub't there is much difference in sound by moving the XPA-2 to the front instead of the XPA-3.

If it were me, I would probably keep the XPA-3 and sell the XPA-2 to help fund your projection system.

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Sorry I missed that. Do you listen to 2ch much? I just sold my Yamaha RX-V1800 because although it sounded fantastic for HT, it was just soso for 2ch. It was my first Yamaha purchase and I was more than pleased with it's performance though.

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You get the same power per channel but the SC 57 ($2100) is a 9.1 system. I broug SC 35 at BB for $729: they recently had the SC 37 for $799. You may be able to find this on closeout and save money. That is if you do not need the extra zones or you are not planning on running an 11.1 setup. I have a good size home and 9.1 setup is a bit over kill. There are so few 7 channel movies and in the next few years I doubt if we see enough 9 channel movies. Hollywood is just lagging behind the avr technology.

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