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Silly PC question...


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OK, I'm stumped.

When I read this or any forum, I look at intersting topics, right click on the header and open in new tab. Once I read through, I close the tabs and when the tabs are gone, I'm done.

Easy right?

As of this morning, I NO LONGER have "open in new tab" when I right click. Only 'open', 'open in new window' (which I hate), 'print'...and so on....

where did my open in new tab go?

I've been in properties of IE trying to see if something was changed (tabs open they way they're supposed to). I went to my mouse drivers and they are programmed for "right click" is right click.


Oh, I even did a MS update to get all udpates AND I also hit reset to defaults.

Still missing in action.


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I use firefox, so I really can't help with IE. But, I would check for updates and maybe even do a Restart. Sometimes things go away and if I reboot, they come back! Silly Computers! [:S]

Good luck Coytee and keep us posted,


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I only have v. 8.x on my pc at home, along with FF. Open in new tab is still there for me.

Try clicking the middle button on a link...

Also, look under the tools > internet options. There is a whole section on tabs and how to set them.


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