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Subwoofer in 2 channel listening


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Great looking setup SBinLilRock. Would like to hear it also!

Are the slim ones WF's? Do you switch between them and the La Scalas with the subs always working?

Thanks, actually those are VF-36's that I'm using as surround speakers in the 5.2 setup. I use RF-7 II's as the fronts. The tv and RF-7 II's are on the wall adjacent to the right speaker. The surrounds by the fireplace are terribly located for surround sound. I've been concentrating so much on the 2-channel set up, that the ht setup has taken a backseat. Now that I think have the 2-channel situated for a while at least, I need to address the 5.2 setup. Problem is I have overcrowded the room with speakers and haven't quite figured out what to do with surrounds. I had a 7.2 system going before I went bonkers with 2-channel.

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Sorry for the slight thread hijack derrick.

This is an old thread so have fun. It is all about the music!!!!

SBinLiRock, I had a pair of the VF 36's, a great speaker for the money and I should have not sold mine. But, I kept my VF 35's.

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