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  1. I wish I had the room and the mulah, I would take those off your hands too. The LS's are still sounding great by the way!
  2. I don't think you will be disappointed with the 1060. It's pretty well regarded in the marantz community. I've got a 2230 receiver hooked to my cornwalls and it sounds pretty sweet. I have vintage ss on all my heritages. My jewel is the Pioneer Spec 1 amp hooked to the la scalas. I had it restored by Glenn McDonald (AudioKarma's Echowars). I've got a Kenwood Eleven G hooked up to the HIII's and they mate very well. I had a newer HK receiver on the HIII's and didn't like the sound--hooked up the Kenwood and even my wife noticed major improvement. I recently picked up a Sansui AU-5900 and really like the sound. It has a really nice base punch--plus it looks pretty cool too.
  3. I love the Sonos. It is very user friendly. I have it hooked up to my living room RF-7 II's, bedroom HIII's, cave cornwalls and outside speakers. It is pretty cool to have them all going on the same song. I like the queue function a lot. You can have your queue playing and search for a song and play it. When it's done playing it goes right back to playing the queue.
  4. I splurged on h3's for my bedroom system, and do not regret it at all. They are a sweet sounding speaker. You can find them on sale occasionaly.
  5. Those look really nice. In my neck of the woods too. I wish I was in the market. I think that is a fair price.
  6. Congrats!! And welcome aboard. The virus that awoke in you runs rampent on this board. I've got vintage solid state on mine. MIne were already recapped when I bought them from a forum member.
  7. They looked that way out of the box. Had them playing all day today. I've got them goin in the bedroom, cornwalls goin in the offce/cave and rf-7's goin in the living room--all grouped together on sonos. It's kinda cool walking through the house listening to the different Klipsch flavors.
  8. They are walnut. I clicked on the "buy it now" button.
  9. I wish. The heresy's are likely the only new heritage klipsch's I'll be getting any time soon.
  10. I am pretty impressed with the sound of the Heresy III's. I been wanting some heresy's for a bedroom system for a while. I've watched for some minty ones to become available, but all the ones I've been seeing are not mutch less than new ones--so I just pulled the trigger on some new ones. I received a pretty good a$$ chewin from my wife, but after listening to them all night last night and today, she has decided that they are hers. She now claims the h-III's and rf-7 II's (the new ones are hers and the old ones are mine). I have only heard one set of older heresy's that a buddy has--it's been a while since I've heard his, so I can't really compare to the h-III's. To my ears they have a really sweet sound. I'm not running a sub right now--and probably won't. I've got them in corners, and the base sounds pretty good. I'm am very pleased with them.
  11. Those are beautiful. I think that price is very reasonable. I love those cane grilles. I kick myself daily for selling my '78's with cane grilles.
  12. Eagles a couple weeks ago in Nashville. It was a great show. Joe Walsh tore it up.
  13. Wow, those are sweet. Congrats!
  14. I'm not sure if they could beat them in arm wrestling but sound wise they do belong at the same table. I've a/b'ed my cornwalls and la scalas wth my RF-7ii's, and I don't think the RF-7's are better, but the do hang pretty well.[]
  15. I really feel the same way. There is no clear cut winner here. The 7s have a sparkle to them that i have not heard in any other speaker. They have this sound like its in the room right in front of you vs a sound that is coming out of a speaker.The detail or sparkle of the 7s is clean and clear it gives a realism thats really awesome for movies.The cornwalls are amazing speakers that have a really powerful big sound.The bass is tight and powerful. The voice is probably the biggest i have heard yet from a set of speakers. Music has a sound that is hard to explain. Its almost like a drug that makes you want to listen to more and more. Each instrument is large and separate from the others. But really the two speakers sound really close to each other. And now I can see why klipsch almost called the RF-7 the RF-Heritage.They are really that close. With now owning two of the older klipsch models (quartet and these) its clear to me that the RF-7ii are right in the mix as some of klipsch best speakers (sound wise). However I can also see why the Heritage speaker have a cult like following. They are beautiful speakers that is like a high quality piece of furniture. They also appear to be bullet proof speakers that will probably last forever. It was not easy to take them out of my main system. I miss them already and its only been a few hours since i moved them up stairs lol. If i had to pic a winner I would say the cornwalls have a tiny edge. But it was like i would listen to the 7s and think these are better then i would switch to the corns and think no these are better and so on. I like your assessment of the RF-7ii's and the CW's. I had my cornwalls and RF-7's in the same room for a good while, and back and forthed them all the time. I also could not crown a clear cut winner. It seemed like which ever one I was listening to at them moment was the better sounding one. My wife always leans towards the RF-7's but agrees that It's a photo finish. I've got the CW's in a different room now, and have la scalas in the same room with the RF-7's. I let them battle now, and there's no clear winner there either. I do have subs added to the la scalas, and they sound pretty spectacular. But, the RF-7's just refuse to take a back seat to any speaker that I've challenged them with. I was going to sell the cornwalls when I got the la scalas, but I couldn't because I love them too much. I can't say out of the la scalas, cornwalls or RF-7ii's which one I prefer. I love them all.
  16. Yea, that thought did cross my mind, but I'd still be pretty short on what he's asking for the Khorns--plus I don't even have the nerve to mention those khorns to my wife right now. She was a good sport, while I purchased two pairs of cornwalls from Phil, and then the la scalas. Not to mention a few components I picked up, and had to have my Pioneer Spec 4 amp refurbished. Then summer came and I had to have some new AW-650's for outside. All this since December. Her enthusiasm for my hobby/obsession is wearing a little thin right now. I need to let it and our funds heal a little.[]
  17. Phil is a great guy to deal with. I bought two sets of pristine cornwalls from him. Those k-horns look pretty sweet. I'd be all over 'em if I hadn't told my wife I was done for a while when I got Hogfan's la scalas. I have been waiting for Phil to find some k-horns, but the timing just isn't right.
  18. Red, White & Blue - Lynyrd Skynyrd
  19. Wow, that is tempting, and right down the road. [^o)] I don't really need it, but it is nice. I'm probably gonna have to pass though, I'm still licking my wounds from my recent purchases.
  20. I wish I had an option to get some new khorns. []
  21. I have both and am still torn between which I prefer more. I had the cornwalls first then found a deal on la scalas that I couldn't pass up. The deal I had with my wife was the la scalas were being auditioned and I would choose to keep either them or the cornwalls. It didn't work out that way. I couldn't get rid or either. I love them both. The cornwalls have a richness to them that is hard to describe, and the la scalas have that crazy good mid range. They are both awesome speakers.
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