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Question about Emotiva UPA-5


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Very good! I am extremely happy with it. There are a few more major upgrades in the sub department I need to make, but other than that, I couldn't be happier with what I have and how much I paid for it. Out of curiosity, how are you powering your RB-81s? I am also looking to get an XPA-2 for fronts and getting and running some RB-61s off the XPA-5. If I am not going to hear much of a difference out of the 83s with the xpa-2 though, I would rather just get an Emotiva a-100 for the rear surrounds.

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Does anybody here have this amp?, if so how did it help out your system, i currently have the Pioneer VSX-1121.Hmm

Hay Josh.

I've owned the UPA-5 for 2 years and I think it was a great deal (I bought on sale for $400, before they discontinued it)

There is not a night and day difference but it is definitely noticeable, when watching a movie the center channel had more clarity and the sound stage sounded more open.

My Yamaha 1065 receiver is rated at 105 watts x7 but it just doesn't sound as good without the upa5, even with the speakers crossed at 80Hz.

Sometimes I listen to two channel (pure direct ) with no sub and this is where an amp with headroom shines. Even though I only have RB-81s as my mains the quality of sound at higher volumes is better. I would only assume that your RF82s would have more punch especially in the bass area.

As far as pricing like I said I paid $400 new, shipped and it was A stock, but I've seen a lot of them go for $500 or more and thats still a good deal for an 5 channel amp.

I hope that helps a bit, feel free to ask any questions if they come up.


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