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a subwoofer for Heresy I


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I have a couple of Heresy I with serials HWO 92T278 and HWO 93U301 (can anyone tell me what does it mean?), bought in 1981. Since then they are powered by a Denon PMA 950, with 80 A class watts per channel.

Now I'm planning to add them a subwoofer, to improve their basses expecially for digital records.

I've seen a Celestion sub (S8 model), with 100 watts and a frequency crossover from 80 to 150 hz and an output regulator. My doubt is: can this sub sound fine with Heresy I? The fact that sub has a normal autoamplification could make a differece with Heresy's A class amplification? I'm interested to Celestion on account of its price (about $ 230). In case this shouldn't work, what sub could I buy?

Please, help me.

Thanks to everyone

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You will want a good subwoofer to go with your Heresies. The Heresies' "quickness" and high output will require a pretty good sub to both match output and to blend in so it sounds similar. I'm not aware of what is for sale in Italy, so i can't recommend a particular subwoofer.

Have you been watching the Giro? Stai zito e pedala! Smile.gif


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IMHO, the Rel Strata III did not compliment all my Klipschorns could do... so I tried dual SVS Ultras with a 1000 watt Samson pro amp and what it is like to not only get to "first bass"... but how to score off a double (sub). -HornED

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Perhaps you will want something small, like an 8 or 10 inch sub which, theoretically, can be tight and fast, to keep up with the sealed driver on the Heresy's.

I had a small Kenwood SW303 8 inch 100 watts sub before changing to my actual KSW12, next step for me is SVS.

By the way, I don't believe in the "fast bass" theories, but Im writing this because you never know... ;-)

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I currently have the JBL 4638 but previously had a Klipsch KSW-12 to complement my Heresys. I thought the klipsch sounded great at any but the highest volumes. Good luck!



Danartdis system

HK AVR 500

Heresy mains

Heresy rears

Academy center

JBL 4638"sub"woofer

PE 250 watt sub amp

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Thanks to everyone for your help.

I was oriented to buy SVS 2039 pci but shipping charge is almost half price of sub. I live in Italy.

Moreover, in my country there aren't dealers of main sub productors but Velodyne (not properly cheap) and B&W or Klipsch (even if, in this case, only K models are sold).

I'm not well convinced about ASW650 by B&W, which I found at a price of 850 (almost the same in US$).

Did anyone experience ASW650?



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