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Need help w/DIY Acoustic panels.

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I have some extra bed covers(egg crate like foam) lying around and it sparked the idea to make some DIY acoustic panels out of them. I'm reading they are not the foam I should be using. I have looked up Owens-Corning 703 covered in cloth as a good panel, but 2 of these panels are going to be taken in and out of my windows on a daily basis. The windows are in the 1st reflection zone in my room. I don't know how well the fiberglass is going to stay inside with me handling them daily. I am also using them to block the sunlight so they are going to be a bit mashed in the window. So I'm not sure if the fiberglass is the way to go. I was wondering if anybody has made DIY panels and could help me with their thoughts on good/inexpensive materials to use, Links, Videos, any info will be appreciated......THANK YOU.

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I did not make mine but they were DIY. I got lucky and was able to buy mine from my neighbor for $15 each. Couldn't have built them myself for that price.

The way they were built, the Owens 703 never comes out of the frame since the front side has black fabric holding it in and the back side has some white fabric holding it in place. Not sure if that helps you. If you need more photos of how mine were made, I can take additional closeup photos.



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Thanks you guys!!!!!!!! Found a website called Realtraps.com from related searches in the forum. Turns out their headquarters is 40 min north, so i'm going to visit. Good info on that website, which has confused me more about what to do. Thanks again for the help and the pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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