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Want to Buy: RC-7 in Black


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After several years, I am finally in a position to complete my home theater system using the 7 series of the Reference line. I have acquired everything but the center channel, and thus, I am on the hunt for an RC-7 in black. I would like to locate one in good to excellent condition, with only very minor cosmetic flaws, if any, and no mechanical flaws. I am in the Seattle, WA area. Thanks.


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Try Trevermill, he had one quiet a ways back. I forgot how to search nationwide on CL and some other sites, good luck.

That one was sold to the same forum member that bought my spare RS-7's. I do have another black one on top of that, however. Just never thought to sell it as its got some nice scratches and I'm pretty sure the tweeter gave out for some reason when I had last checked. Could be wiring/loose connection, who knows. I was running them (RC-7's) as rears in an 11.2 configuration before I switched back to 7.2 due to space limitations (Read: Dirty looks from the wife). I swapped in some RB-5's in their place, just as magical albeit a bit less bass when played in "All channel Stereo" or "All Channel Direct". But, it's all good :)

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Thanks for the Ebay link, I'll throw in a bid and keep an eye on it!

No need to throw in a bid this early in the game...you will just drive up the price. I typically wait until 15 seconds before auction ends to bid. Just my method.

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