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I have 2 klipsch posters for sale


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I'm sure someone might want them but your "Make me your best offer" tactic may be slightly off-putting. In my experience most items moved here start out with the seller naming their price.

Good luck with the sale.

Yea, I am kind of interested, but am clueless as to value.


And pictures showing condition or any issues are wonderful. Search enough on the forum and you'll find original price. A few at least have sold on eBay. I believe these were lower numbered in the original signed / numbered 60. Signed / numbered edition xxxx of 1000 were given out as bling at this past Pilgrimage so the demand is not as great as it once was or greater as there are no more available to buy new.

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somebody must want this

ok, I'll bite......not sure of their size...so depending on the size...I was going to send the image to get printed and this is the pricing I got back on super premium poster paper. Shipping might be a show stopper...free local pickup at my print shop.

Size Price

11x14 $11.99

12x18 $14.99

16x20 $17.99

20x30 $22.99

24x36 $32.99

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Are there any markings on the border? Just learned this last month there are 4 versions 3 are silk screened and 1000 just offset printed like a normal poster.

A/P greatest value only 40 made

P/P next with 60

Substitution depends on subs to this artist at the time of printing.

A/P Artists proof silk screen print signed

P/P Printers proof silkscreen print numbered

S/E Subscribers edition silkscreen edition print

1000 Reg poster additions lythograph printed.

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