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1963 early Heresy pair for sale


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Last time I checked this was not an auction website where items are sold to the highest bidder. State your asking price and whether or not you are willing to ship them. Otherwise move on to eBay if you are looking for auction style formats for selling items.

I do not wish to get into a bidding war with a fellow member on the forum. Thanks in advance for your understanding.

I thought the '62's had the clear rectangular acrylic Klipsch badge at the bottom center of the speaker and the pie slice came about in '63. S/N's would be helpful and useful as well to potential buyers.

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ok I put a asking price on the speakers to keep all happy.

I will ship

The serial numbers have the b in them which I think makes them 62.

The tags are orig and the Same as my 62 cornwall.

My 60 cornwall has the clear rectangle tag so maybe somtime in earlier 62 or 61 they change to the pie logo.


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oops I think your right looks like B is 63 .

The chart I had saved from a few years ago had b as 62,

but after a google search I found the charts have b as 63.

Btw anyone have a pic of a pre 63 post 59 heresy logo.

My 59 and 58 H's have a rectangle Aluminum with black paint logo.

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The '62's should have an rectangular acrylic logo with "KLIPSCH" etched into it (no color) mounted at the lower center of the speaker with a couple of small brad nails.

Here is what they look like on my '62 Cornwalls, see this thread. They were delicately removed, cleaned and put back in the exact location with the same brads.


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I'm curious about the condition of the finish -- we just have the single shot from the front. Nothing was said about scratches, dents, etc -- so does that mean there aren't any? I appreciate any additional information you are willing to provide, including additional pictures. Thanks!

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