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Any experience with vintage Electro Voice?


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Speakerlab mounted both EV horns vertically. According to EV, there was a slight improvement in dispersion for both horns when mounted in the vertical orientation.

PWK mentioned that the K-77(T-35) was mounted in the horizontal orientation, when stereo came into fashion, to avoid having to make mirror image versions for a stereo pair. According to PWK, it didn't make "a dime's worth of difference" in the performance, but it did save on production costs. That was the same rationale for mounting the horns to the back of the motorboards.

PWK wasn't saying it isn't better to do it the other way, just that it didn't make economic sense.

PWK was an excellent engineer. Part of excellent engineering is designing to goals, such as weight, size, cost, etc., in addition to performance. He did that very well.

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Quoth PWK: "The smaller horns, like the K-77 and K-600, have essentially the same dispersion vertically or horizontally. It becomes an issue with the bigger horns like the K-400." (more or less...)

That's nice... I suppose he meant that in a practical manner (listening) and not through testing. Depending on your listening position and room treatments, there is a large diffeence between 100 degrees and 90 degrees.


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I'm not sure, but if memory serves me, EV used the same diaphragms on most of their tweeters, from the earliest t-35 to the ST-350. If this is the case, Great Plains Audio out of Oklahoma lists a 16 Ohm diaphragm on their website for an ST-350. Good hunting.

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