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Replacement woofer options for Chorus I


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When I bought my Chorus speakers one of the woofers had a 2-3" tear in it. I repaired it by rubber cementing black tissue paper on the front and back of the woofer. The repair actually worked great. Unfortunately it doesn't look that great. The woofer on the other has some white paint or something on it. What would be some replacement options for them? Now, keep in mind, I only paid $50 for the speakers so I'm not looking for some crazy expensive woofers. I know Bob Crites makes a 15" replacement for the LaScala and other Heritage speakers. Anyone know of a 'generic' woofer that might work well?

I'd like to be able to listen without the grills on now and then but I want the speakers to look somewhat presentable at the same time.

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I know the woofer for the Chorus I is a K-48-E. The seller has a recone kit for a K-48-K and also K-48-KP. Sounds like the K-48-KP is for the MCM/MWM setup? What about using the K-48-KP recone kit? Reason I ask is the K-48-K recone kit is $85 each and the K-48-KP recone kit is $50 each. Will either of them work? What are the differences between the E/K/KP in the K-48 woofers?

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