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Chase Home Theater sub SS 18.1 first impression


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One final note on the subwoofers since they are boken in and I am off the learning curve on the I NUKE 3000 DSP.

The test was done at reference level and a 6db boost at 20 Hz and the sub are xo
at 80 Hz in the avr and the DSP is xo at 80 with a 48 db LR slope. Distance to the sub is 14 ft. and the numbers have been corrected for
distance (+9 db) and the appropriate radio shack adjustments. The red peak light
came on with the sub 25 Hz REW tone but, at no time was the amp and subs in
danger. The DSP limiter are set on the amp.

The room has a null in the 50
Hz region. There was no attempt to get a flat response and the subwoofer level
was not ran hot.

10 Hz - 119db
15 Hz - 114db
20 Hz - 115db
25 Hz
- 115db
30 Hz - 117db
40 Hz - 116db
50 Hz - 108db
60 Hz -
70 Hz - 123db
80 Hz - 111db
90 Hz - 110db
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It would be interesting to see the same readings at 1 meter for comparison. You could tell what your room was doing.

This technique has been suggested in the past. The bottom line for me is the wife will not go for more subs, traps, different locations, ect. These things are large enough and I am lucky she does not complain. It sounds good, so I will be happy. An old friend always said the enemy of good is better.[:D]

The interesting thing is how little EQ in needed under the xo with MCACC bass management system. I wonder if the MQ 600 amp would give a better performance under 25 Hz since it is stable down to 5 Hz.

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