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Klipsch Badges - WTB


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My 1974 La Scalas came with plastic pie-slice badges. One was missing, and the paint on the other one was quite worn. The badge was glued on.

I replaced them with the current copper-coloured pie-slice metal badges. I think they're called Jubilee Logos at Klipsch Parts, and should be available. They were around $12 each when I bought them in 2006. They come with peel-and-stick material on the backs, so they're easy to put on. Just be careful to position them properly, because if you put them on crooked, it can be tricky to get them off without messing up the glue and making them non-sticky.

The new metal badges make the speakers look better than the old plastic ones ever did, in my opinion anyway.

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Back in the earliest days of Klipsch & Associates metal manufacturing facilities were few and far between. That's why the earliest of Mr. Paul's loudspeaker designs had actual slices of pie attached to the grills.

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