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SVS Pb-13 Ultra For Sale---SOLD---


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I have one of my PB-13 Ultras for sale. reason for sale is i have sold all my cherry gear so they gotta go. Also i have a false wall in my future so i will either be buying or building a more upright design so the wall doesn't have to be so deep. The sub is right at a year old. it is the most current version. included will be all original accessories. i would like a local sale of course but i do have original packaging so i could ship it however ALL SHIPPING COST WILL BE ON THE BUYER. i have already sold the other one to the same local buyer who bought the rest of my system. his wife didn't want him to buy the other one. go figure! This has one minor imperfection on it which is why i am cutting the cost down a bit over what i sold the other one for. when you take the grill off, there is a small spot from the top right grill magnet. there is a small bur in the metal that has made some small indentions. i can get extreme closeups if need be for the buyer, but it is under the grill. selling this one for 1300$

also the warranty will transfer to new owner.


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Bro if I could justify this purchase somehow, this would have already been a done deal. I have always lusted after the cherry finish PB-13 Ultra's, but with a kid on the way, a new car payment and the fact I have absolutely no room, all the odds are against me. I hope that this beauty will find its way to a loving home within the forum, but nonetheless good luck with your sale and future HT endeavors.

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Grill off and no clue how to get these turned the other way. they don't show up at all on my computer like that. iMacs don't like this forum

I wonder if my PC13-Ultra will sound better on its side? Might have to experiment. [*-)]

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