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Thx Ultra 2 Subs and Amp 4 sale 1500$---SOLD---


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For sale is 2 of the KW-120-THX THX Ultra 2 subs with KA-1000-THX amplifier. I just recently bought the thx ultra package from a forum member and i didn't ask to split the package up as i hate when people do that to me. however i have already committed to DIY subwoofers so these also have to go like my SVS Ultra's. They are in great shape as is the amp.

let me first say a few words about these compared to my Dual SVS subs. These things surprised the heck out of me! first off they sound way better to my ears with music. i think this has to do with my ultra's being in the 16hz tune. Also i think they are much punchier than the svs as well. I think this also has to do with the tune they are in. technically on paper these should get left in the dust by the ultra's but i really have enjoyed them so far. i think they sound more like movie theater subwoofers, which is what i am looking for. no one goes to a theater that plays down to 15 hz. just doesn't happen. if i hadn't already dove into the DIY i would consider searching for another used pair of these as most seems to run four of them. I will be asking 1500$ for these. all accessories will be included. i do have packaging but one of the sub boxes is pretty rough and has a large tear in one side so i would be leery about shipping these ones. but that is up to the buyer completely. same as the svs ALL COST WILL BE ON THE BUYER.


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Congrats on the sale of SVS and Klipsch subs.

I know DIY subs can surely be better BFTB but you let go of some sweet subs. Lucky new owners indeed.

Good luck with your sub projects,


agreed! i was sad to see all my cherry stuff go as it was beautiful. this stuff will be better suited for my needs in the theater room. I'll leave the nice beautiful speakers in the living room. i love the espresso finish on the icon w line. and until i find something that sounds as good or better and looks better they are there to stay. id love to eventually end up wth the paradigm studio series in rose nut, as they are a great sounding speaker and absolutely gorgeous!
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