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Getting healthy again

moray james

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since having heart issues in Jan 2012 and a hip replacement this past June I decided to buy a new bicycle. Could not find exactly what I was after so bought the best used I could. In the mean time a great deal came up on a Jamis Aurora Elite 50 cm frame. So my brother and I decided to buy one to try it out. If one of us likes it he buys the other out if neither do we sell and split any loss and if we both like it we buy another. So I wanted to ask if there were any Arurora Elite owners here and your thoughts and comments. Thanks. best regqards Moray James.



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That was a clever plan!

Hope you do better than I did. The Cannondale I bought back in '94 is collecting cob webs and I never even managed to wear the little nubby things off of all the tire treads. I have a thousand excuses... perhaps I shouldn't share any since I'd rather ENCOURAGE you!

Stick with it! If your bike breaks down, do something, walk, ANYTHING!

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Thanks guys. I have been walking each day 3 -3.5 miles since having the stent installed in my heart jan 2012 and bike riding 6 - 8 miles most days since the end of june this year. I need a bike with some lower gears to ride the hills and attempt to improve my cardiovascular. I am really enjoying the riding. Want to see if I can work my up to being able to ride a century (100 miles). Freddy Mercury said it "get on your bikes and ride". Best regards Moray James.

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